Ops… everyone is mad at me again…

One thing I do well… Piss people off. haha I made a post about how counting calories is stupid and I made all the calorie counters hate me. Well, my post didn’t exactly say calorie counting is stupid but I said people don’t need it and you could save more time if you didn’t do

Enjoy the Holidays without gaining weight

I use to hate this time of year for one very vain reason. It would be so stressful for me because I loved food so much but I was so mentally messed up from years of dieting that I couldn’t enjoy it. I  believed, that if I get off track at all, that I will
Today on IG live, someone said, “there are so many fitness scams.”Which is far from true and it led me to want to share an important message.   People believe the scam is a supplement, a diet, a trainer, a program…   “Oh I tried that program and it failed so it is a scam.”   

Must-have products for weight loss

Fat Burning Products to help you get the results you want This is always a hot topic. We all want to burn fat, FASTER! Right? I’m not a huge supplement junky because a lot of the product now days is shit to be totally honest so the supplement list will be short but I also