Boomin’ Booty Challenge

Boomin’ Booty Challenge

It is time to get off our booties and get them boomin’!

I posted a picture that broke the internet and a lot of people’s belief system. haha

Majority of the time, we have this belief that we have to settle for the body we have.

We are told to love ourselves and accept our bodies the way they are but why if we aren’t happy?

Oh… ok because that is self-love? WRONG. Yes, you should love yourself and embrace every part of your journey but the highest form of self-love is working on yourself to become better in all areas. Not trying to put the pressure on you or maybe I am? haha

I honestly just want you being happy, healthy and confident. That’s my goal with every being, I encounter. Health and fitness can be an overwhelming journey. When things are overwhelming, we tend to just give up. So I want to break things down in a super simple way so you can get that Boomin’ body and booty and walk around with an extra dose of confidence because that is what you deserve!

In order to do this, I decided to give you a taste of training with me… COMPLETELY FREE.

Yes, completely free.

You may be wondering… what are the details? How do I get this free? Am I being punked?! haha

First thing first, all I need is your name and email address then just keep your eye open on emails from me.

We will be diving into yummy recipes to burn fat, full body workouts to burn fat and tone up, tips and tricks on how you can continue to be effortlessly successful on your health and fitness journey. That’s 5 days of workouts and meals with me!

What you get with the Boomin’ booty challenge…

  • Recipes
  • Eating Tips
  • Workouts (video format)
  • Time Management tips
  • Stress Management tips

Get started here and keep your eyes open for my emails. Let’s get that Boomin’ booty girl!


This is amazing, I still can’t believe it, you are making a lot of people happy. Can’t wait to start it 😃

Please help me to Eliminate cellulite in the hips and legs and scalp and that I have weak legs.😔
Thanks alot❤️🌹❤️

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