Boomin’ Booty Challenge

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It is time to get off our booties and get them boomin’!

I posted a picture that broke the internet and a lot of people’s belief system. haha

Majority of the time, we have this belief that we have to settle for the body we have.

We are told to love ourselves and accept our bodies the way they are but why if we aren’t happy?

Oh… ok because that is self-love? WRONG. Yes, you should love yourself and embrace every part of your journey but the highest form of self-love is working on yourself to become better in all areas. Not trying to put the pressure on you or maybe I am? haha

I honestly just want you out there living your best life, being happy, healthy and confident. That’s my goal with every being, I encounter. Health and fitness can be an overwhelming journey. When things are overwhelming, we tend to just give up. So I want to break things down in a super simple way so you can get that Boomin’ body and booty and walk around with an extra dose of confidence because that is what you deserve!

In order to do this, I just need you to commit to going to the next level, simple enough?

I will take out all the guesswork for you when it comes to sculpting the perfect bikini body.

So if you are sick of jumping from failed diet to failed diet, sick of not seeing results from your hard work in the gym or sick of not feeling motivated and energized through your day then this is the challenge for you!

Over the next 90 days, I will help you get rid of the…

  • bra fat
  • flabby arms
  • constant bloat
  • stubborn belly fat
  • the pancake booty
  • and last but not least the stubborn cellulite

What you get…

  • 5 day fat burning meal guides
  • 5 day full body fat burning + sculpting workout guides
  • Form videos to perfect form and get the most out of your workouts
  • Access to membership site (endless meal and workout guides)
  • Access to private Facebook group (recipes, tips, tricks and lots of tlc)
  • Email support, tips and tricks

This challenge is normal $47 a month but for you action takers, you can get it for $27 a month. 

All you have to do is get your spot HERE.

Then you will be emailed with instructions to set up your account, login to membership site and have access to your challenges.

So get your spot now before they fill up! 5 spots are left for this challenge. Don’t miss your chance.



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