Calling people out and I’m not sorry

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Being in the fitness industry, I hear this all the time…
“there are so many fitness scams.”

Which is far from true but it led me to share an important topic…
People believe the scam is a supplement, a diet, a trainer, a program…
“Oh, I tried that program and it failed so it is a scam.” 
Sorry Sally… that is bullshit!
Not everything works the same for everyone. Let’s be honest…
All programs work but the biggest question is, will it work for you?
Why do people believe it’s ok to treat everyBODY the same when it comes to dieting and training?
Thinking everyBODY needs the same program? The same diet? The same supplements?!
Don’t get me wrong like I said, all diets and training programs work to a certain degree but having this approach will only leave you with the same old battle, you’ve always dealt with…
  • Constantly starting over
  • Falling back into old habits
  • Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Can’t seem to find the motivation
  • Losing weight only to gain it back
I hear women say all the time that they will just starve themselves, do hours of cardio and drop the weight so they do, only to gain it back.  Has that ever happen to you?
I went through all of this BS when I was first starting my journey…

How many of us have tried a diet before?

If you are like 99% of people then you have and you know what else is common?
Falling off! That’s what happen to me… for 6 years. Yes, 6 years. Nuts, right? 

I’ve been on my health and fitness journey for 18 years now and it wasn’t always easy…

I tried every diet under the sun! No carb, no fat, HCG and every other stupid diet out there. 1 thing these all had in common… they were unsustainable. These diets messed with my metabolism, hormones and thyroid as well as my mental health.

So there I was, gaining weight, no confidence, sluggish and feeling downright awful. I figured it was time to give up and settle for the body I had…

40lbs overweight, constantly hiding in baggy clothes, not wanting to go out, live life and enjoy. 

Then I had a breakthrough… if dieting and insane hours in the gym were failing me then why not find balance? Results come from consistency not just a few weeks going hard with dieting and workouts….

So I finally gave up… in a different way this time… I gave up on the 
dieting and focused on balance. Finally the weight started falling off. I was going out, putting on sexy dresses, dating, falling in love with life again!

Even after I became pregnant. I gained 42lbs but dropped it within 2 months.
I dropped a total of 54lbs and got down to my lowest weight I’ve been in years. Oh and best part, STAYED AT THAT WEIGHT! Yes, I still eat my donuts, tacos and have my yummy wine multiple times a week. Which was something I was terrified of doing back in the day.
All thanks to this life-changing hacks though,  I’ve never been happier, I get to eat the foods I love, do workouts I enjoy and keep my results once and for all.
I decided it was time to teach others how to get and stay fit, to truly rewire their mind, body and habits in an easy and effortless way. 

I have to teach them what works with their body meaning foods, exercise and habits to support their healthier lifestyle. We are all different which is why I hate when the fitness industry tries to treat us all the same.

They make us believe we need this crazy, secret type of diet with this never seen before workouts but that’s actually what fails us. I mean think about it… how many times have you tried to diet and do these crazy workouts? How long does it last? It’s always short term!

Great business model for them but failing us so I changed the system.

I came up with a solution so people can finally drop the weight and keep it off in an easy yet effective way.
I could get the extra 30-40lbs off but I couldn’t keep it off. And let’s face it… No one wants to drop the weight, only to gain it back. Right?
But that’s how all coaches train people. Short term success which drives me insane. No one is teaching them how to keep their results.
When I went through this, I was depressed, frustrated and had no confidence. I didn’t want to go out and enjoy life. I wanted to stay home, eat ice cream and bitch about how being fit just isn’t for me. 
Why couldn’t I keep the weight off? 
I watched so many trainers stay lean year-round but why couldn’t I?
 This frustration happen in the first 8 years of my journey. I lost so much time and sleep over this. I was so sick and tired of playing this bs guessing game.
I just wanted to live life in my dream body and feel good about myself.
I was dying to just be able to wear whatever the hell I wanted and not worry about my love handles or cellulite hanging out! Can anyone relate?
Why is it that some of us just get it? You see tons of people getting and staying fit all year long… but why aren’t you? Do you ever wonder this?
You can google meals, workouts and even youtube how to do them but you still have no success… WHY????
I finally have an answer for you…oh and the best part….A SOLUTION….
How to get and stay fit.

Do you want to learn how to rewire your body and mind in order to get on track once and for all?

I know what you’re probably thinking…
Why do I need to rewire my mind?

Our mindest is the number 1 thing that holds us back on this journey and we don’t even realize it. Sadly because nobody talks about it.

We stand in our own way.
Have you ever talked yourself out of starting a program? Taking action or trying something new?

We talk to ourselves terribly and I was guilty of it. “I’ve tried so many times but continue to fail. I am just meant to be fat and overweight.” 

We get scared of greatness so we self sabotage when we start to see progress. WHY!?

So as we dive into this, you will become confident, happy, full of self-love and health (which is what you deserve) by rewiring your mind and as we do that, your body will follow.

Muscle Mind connection. 

Once you figure out this, life becomes magical.

That is why I am so passionate about health and fitness because I see how it changed my mindset and when I changed my mindset… my life changed and yours can too. I’ve helped so many women with this.

I went from living in my parent’s casita, barely able to pay a phone bill to freedom, owning 2 homes, dream cars and having the freedom to donate to whatever charity I want, being able to walk away from work so I can spend a day helping my community, being with my daughter, getting her the everything she deserves. 
That’s true freedom and it feels fucking great.
Having that made my confidence skyrocket which led to more happiness, success and being able to  inspire people worldwide and when you have that… you can truly impact someone’s life in a more powerful and positive way and who doesn’t want that?!
So are you ready to rewire? or continue doing what you’ve always done?
The choice is yours!

If you are ready to live your best life then let’s book our FREE breakthrough session now.

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  4. Be ready for our zoom call and some lasting results

It is time for you to live your best life.


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