Is Booze Busting Your Waist Line?

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Let’s Talk about Booze and our Waist Line!

I know a lot of people want to keep their social life while losing weight.

And I want that for you as well…

I mean let’s be honest… what is the point of looking good with no social life, right? haha

Let’s start with… Alcohol doesn’t make you fat. What actually happens when you drink is your body focuses on metabolizing the alcohol since it is toxic. While it is busy doing that, the food you have eaten doesn’t get metabolized and is more likely to be stored as fat.

What I recommend doing before drinking is having a meal that is easy to digest so your body can still metabolize it and not store it as fat. A lot of people think they should have a heavy meal before drinking but remember… your body will be busy metabolizing the alcohol you drank so having something heavy will most likely end up as stored fat.

The biggest question I get from people is…


My go to has been distilled vodka, soda water with lime or BCAA as my mixer. I choose distilled vodka because it is one of the cleanest alcohols to drink which helps the liver process it easier and eases the hangover crap.

I love mixing it with BCAA’s and an extra scoop of glutamine. This helps not break down lean muscle mass and helps with the hangovers. (keep reading and you’ll find out why) Alcohol does break down lean muscle mass, increases estrogen and slows down the metabolism since it is focused on metabolizing the alcohol! Make sense?

If you hate vodka, I would recommend any clear liquor or white wine.


  • Beer
  • Dark Liquor
  • Mixing Liquor
  • Sugary Drinks
  •  Wine

These are obviously higher in calories but also harder for your liver to process which means more hangovers.

Now let’s talk hangover…

Stop eating the greasy hangover foods. This is not benefiting you at all! It is best to hydrate, get MAX DETOX, get glutamine in your system, replenish your B vitamins and eat your greens. Glutamine and B vitamins are depleted when you are drinking so drinking it before and after you drink will help ease the hangover.

Cheers to having a great weekend.

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