Bikini Booty Training

WHO IS READY FOR BIKINI SEASON!? Are you feeling motivated thinking about bikini season!? I wasn’t… I mean… let’s be real, who could be with this cold ass weather? I finally got something exciting enough for me to put the cookies down, throw on my jacket and get my booty moving so I can get
Overwhelmed with your weight loss journey? I was too during my weight loss journey and all it did was add chaos to my depression. Here are simple ways to break down your goals and conquer them. Tana Ashlee here, I have been in health and fitness for 16 years now! I have helped thousands of
Have you tried everything under the sun and still haven’t dropped that stubborn fat?! You’ve cut out carbs, fats, sugars, alcohol and still no progress? Well, you may not be aware of this but if you are deficient in  certain minerals it can effect your weight loss journey. We are overfed and yet still starving

Recipe Ideas

I am a huge foodie just like most people. haha So when it comes to eating clean, I need something that taste amazing or I will be over it and completely fall off. Few issues with this… I’m not a chef I am limited on time If there’s too many ingredients, I won’t even look