During my pregnancy, I gained about 30-35lbs. I lost a ton of muscle mass since I wasn’t lifting as heavy or eating as much protein as I use to (just couldn’t stomach a lot of meat) but I did the best I could, ended up with a healthy pregnancy, no stretch marks, great labor and


Banish The Bloat…. I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday Festive’s so far, I don’t know about you but I sure did overeat. I am feeling puffy, sluggish and bloated. Every time I get like this, I totally lose motivation so it is important for me to “debloat” ASAP! I’ve used these little tricks after

Easiest way to get motivated

I have one simple tip to get you to get motivated.ACTION.We overthink everything. We need this, we need that… if I don’t have it… I can’t get started.If you are thinking that way then you will never get started.I use to do it all the time, my number one reason for excuse.Oh… I don’t have

Love Handle Loser

The Love Handle Loser! With summer coming up, everyone wants to lose those love handles and I totally get it! Who doesn’t want to feel confident in a bikini!? As many of you know, you can’t really target a certain area, you can do isolation training which will help build that muscle and fight off