Best workouts and foods for Core

In my booty blog, I talked about what is most important to us, ladies… And it is booty and core! So I promised a core blog as well! We have this misconception, that if we want a flat stomach or some ab definition then we need to starve ourselves and do as much cardio as

Best Booty Exercises

New Year, Better Booty… Can I get an AMEN!? There are 2 things, us ladies obsess about.. our core and our booties! Right!? So I want to get you set up with an awesome booty workout, that can be done at home or the gym. I do a lot of my videos at home because
Anyone else struggle with cellulite?! I haven’t had it in a long time… But now that, I am pregnant… I am definitely noticing some cellulite in a very common area for women. BACK OF THE THIGHS!  Cellulite is fat deposits under the skin, that give us that orange peel texture on our skin. It can
I get asked all the time…  “When is a good time to start a fitness routine?” Everyone assumes Monday… Fresh new week, time to make some great choices… all sounds amazing, right? But why wait? Why not start now? A lot of times, we create excuses so this is what happens… Ok, I will start