10X the Basics

When our bodies hit a plateau, we think we need to do switch up the exercises to something insane, something we’ve never done or tried so then we get overwhelmed and stuck. right? So instead of going crazy and trying to make up pointless new exercises, we should go back to the basics and 10X

Counting Calories/ Macros

How many of us have been brainwashed to believe we need to count calories or macros in order to lose weight? I have! Or I should say… I was brainwashed when I first started my journey. Believing I had to count everything little calorie or macro that went into my mouth. Back then, I was

The Key to Your Success

Why is it so hard to accomplish my goals? I talk to women daily and hear that  getting started and staying on track is the hardest thing to do for them. Life happens, family, events, vacation, getting tired and just flat out busy! I totally get this and when it comes down to it, I

Meal Prep Hacks

I had to share some Meal Prep Hacks since so many people use the excuse “I don’t have time to meal prep.” You don’t need meal prep in order to have success on your health and fitness journey… Yes, it makes it easier to make wise choices when you are hungry but it is not