Deadlifts for the Booty

Do you do deadlifts? If not, you should (unless your have an injury that prevents you from it) Why Deadlift? Working More Muscles Gain Strength Muscle Growth Core Stability Better Posture What to Use when you Deadlift… You can use… Dumbbells Barbells Olympic Bar Resistance Bands Smith Machine They all  have there benefits and I

How do you know if you need a detox?

When people think detox, they believe they have to starve, fast and live miserably so they never actually try a good detox for over a few days. hahaI’ve been there so I get it…I want to take a minute and talk to you about how do you know if you should detox?So here are some

Why I Don’t Track

Why I don’t track and  just started listening to my body!  There is nothing wrong with tracking, I believe it is great for people who have a very certain goal such as competing, wedding, trainer in learning or just a major transformation. When I first started my journey I tracked everything I ate since I had
Core Workouts that you can do even while pregnant… A lot of people think you can’t work your core while pregnant because after first trimester, you don’t want to be laying flat on your back. But there are some major benefits to training your core while pregnant unless you are high risk or have diastasic