Have you tried everything under the sun and still haven’t dropped that stubborn fat?! You’ve cut out carbs, fats, sugars, alcohol and still no progress? Well, you may not be aware of this but if you are deficient in  certain minerals it can effect your weight loss journey. We are overfed and yet still starving

Recipe Ideas

I am a huge foodie just like most people. haha So when it comes to eating clean, I need something that taste amazing or I will be over it and completely fall off. Few issues with this… I’m not a chef I am limited on time If there’s too many ingredients, I won’t even look

spot reduction

Anytime someone comments, “I want to work this problem area.” There is always someone who has to jump the gun and tell them, “you can’t do that.” Truth be told… YES, THEY CAN! If someone has a problem area, they can give it a little more TLC. It won’t hurt them so let them do

Difference between my programs

A lot of people, “what is the difference between your programs?” Well, I have 3 programs. Stay fit: general challenges Foundation: custom program for you Rewire: custom program plus rewiring body and mind for long term results without dieting Stay fit is a great fit for anyone looking to switch things up. This will help