Fit(ish) Pregnancy

No one talks about how first trimester will kick your ass. haha Ok well, not for everyone but a lot of people I talk to now, tell me “oh yeah! First is the worst.” So during the first trimester, I truly mean it when I say listen to your body. If you are tired, rest.

What to eat after Leg Day!

Is your goal to lose stubborn fat but build a solid booty? Or you just want to shape your body and booty?! Well, if that’s you then this blog is for you! On my fitness journey, I have gone from being too skinny, too fat and then just trying to maintain so I have been

It’s not Motivation you need…

What you do need is to work on these 3 things… Re-Program Yourself Our brain was made to protect us so anytime something feels uncomfortable, we talk ourselves out of it. Have you found yourself doing that before? If you have, don’t worry. Totally normal but in order for us to grow and progress in

I had to get this off my chest…

This has been bugging me so bad! so fn bad! But I am grateful for this whole mess… Because it inspired me to find a Solution for the Number 1 issue in fitness. Tell me, have you ever struggled with any of this?… Constantly starting over? Falling back into old habits? Yo-Yo Dieting? Can’t seem