Is broccoli causing you to gain weight?

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It definitely could be…

20 million people struggle with thyroid disease and only 60% of them know it. Majority of those people have hypothyroid. That is when your thyroid is performing slow so it makes it harder to lose weight.

If you are struggling to lose weight with hypothyroid, there’s a lot to consider.

Things that would normally help with weight loss actually back fire when dealing so I want to break things down nice and easy so you don’t have to struggle anymore.

Let’s start with what to avoid…

Food Wise…

  • Soy
  • Cruciferous Vegetables like broccoli
  • Strawberries, pears
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Fried Foods
  • Sugary Foods
  • Processed Foods

Don’t get disheartened reading this list. You can still have this stuff, just in moderation. The first few foods, I listed are usually a major shock to people, the other half are pretty normal to avoid in abundance when trying to lose a few pounds.

Foods that help..

  • Lean meats
  • Eggs
  • Nuts, seeds
  • Fruits; limit strawberries, pears
  • Vegetables; limit cruciferous vegetables
  • Sweet  and red potato
  • Rice

Eating these foods will definitely you drop weight, just stay mindful and see how your body responds to these certain foods.

As far as supplementing, you do have to be careful with fat burners because you can’t take too much caffeine but you can do turmeric and apple cider vinegar as a natural fat burner with no side effects. You can order those here. You also should be taking iodine, selenium and zinc.

And of course, you know, I am going to recommend exercise. This is always a benefit but if you are overdoing it then that can be why you aren’t seeing results.

If you have been dong HIIT workouts, interval cardio and training 6 days a week with little to no results then I would say it is time to relax a bit and do some superset workouts, walking or steady cardio and adding in an extra rest day to switch it up. Sometimes, we believe going as hard as possible is the only way to go but that’s not always the best way to burn fat.

This is especially true for those who are already under a lot of stress so try switching things up and see how your results go.

If you still continue to struggle with weight then we need to jump on a call and get this handled for you. Once you master your body, you master your life so that is why I feel so passionately about getting people results and you are the next person, I want to help! ?

Book your call here and be ready to see results!

  • Pick your time and date
  • Fill out application
  • Be ready on zoom (undistracted) and ready to kick ass and take names


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