how to keep your bikini body all year round

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I struggled with keeping a bikini body year round for a while. Every Fall/Winter season, I would pack on 5-10lbs without a doubt then do a bunch of unhealthy stuff to try and drop it by Bikini season which never went as planned. haha

This was really hard on not only my body, hormones, thyroid but also my mental health.

I knew it had to change to truly live my best life all year round. Which in my mind means sexy body, wine and all my favorite foods. ?

What I did was change my mindset around food.

I use to get so upset when I would “cheat” on my everyday diet. 80% of the day, I would do great then end the day with a cookie and get so upset at myself that I would sabotage it even more! Has that ever happen to you?

If so, let’s commit now to ending that cycle.

You can get away with having a treat 3 days a week and still be on track if you are eating clean and getting your workouts in. It’s all about correcting your mindset and habits around food.

Now, habits around food is important. How many times have you fallen into a habit of snacking, stress eating or meeting up with friends around food? It’s super common and another huge reason, people are held back.

I was guilty of this. I use to binge eat every weekend to the point, I would be sick. It became such a habit that every Friday, I would go to the store and spend at least $100 on straight junk food and candy. This led to a very boring life. I didn’t do much, just sat at home and hated life because I felt so gross from eating so much shit.

I realized this unhealthy habit was really affecting my life on every level even to the point where I had high cholesterol.

That was my eye opener. I knew it was time to change my habits.

I was sick of the health risks, the constant bloat, feeling tired and sluggish. It was time to start being mindful, to stay more active and to truly dial in my gut health once and for all so that’s exactly what I did… and still do.

So here is what I did to change that for good.

  1. Be mindful, have a healthy relationship with food and see it for what it is. FUEL.
  2. Get in the habit of  taking care of your gut health, eating cleaner foods and staying active.
  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We are so harsh on ourselves and it only makes it harder to progress on our weight loss journey so be kind to yourself, be forgiving and stay focused.

I want you out there living your best life, being happy, healthy and confident. That’s my goal with every client. Health and fitness can be an overwhelming journey. When things are overwhelming, we tend to just give up. Let’s break it down simple like I did above. If you want to cut out the guesswork then keep reading!

If you are sick of jumping from failed diet to failed diet, sick of not seeing results from your hard work in the gym or sick of not feeling motivated and energized through your day then this is the challenge for you.

I want to help busy women on a budget achieve their dream body.

Over the next 90 days, I will help you get rid of the…

  • bra fat
  • flabby arms
  • constant bloat
  • stubborn belly fat
  • the pancake booty
  • and last but not least the stubborn cellulite

What you get…

  • 5 day fat burning meal guides
  • 5 day full body fat burning + sculpting workout guides
  • Form videos to perfect form and get the most out of your workouts
  • Access to membership site (endless meal and workout guides)
  • Access to private Facebook group (recipes, tips, tricks and lots of tlc)
  • Email support, tips and tricks

This challenge is normal $47 a month but for you action takers, you can get it for $27 a month. 

All you have to do is get your spot HERE.

Then you will be emailed with instructions to set up your account, login to membership site and have access to your challenges.

So get your spot now before they fill up! 5 spots are left for this challenge. Don’t miss your chance.


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