How to supplement based on goals

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There is no magic pill to get you the results you want.

We all know we have to clean up the eating, get your butt moving and stay on top of your water.

When you add in supplements, they can benefit in big ways. I am huge on working with your hormones instead of against them so I broke this into sections  to help you understand how you should supplement based on your hormonal cycle, your issues and goals. If you are still feeling lost on this topic, feel free to text me by hitting the chat icon on the right hand corner.

I will break this down into the 3 phases based on a 28 day cycle. Phase 1, day 1 is the first day of your period. So day 1-14 would be phase 1. Phase 2 would be day 15- 19. Phase 3 would be day 20 until you bleed.

Phase 1: day 1-14 of your hormonal cycle. You burn the most fat so if your goal is weight loss, reducing cellulite, bloating and detoxing. This is the phase to do it in. I highly recommend using your max burn, max detox, turmeric and apple cider vinegar during this phase. Max burn and max detox first thing in the morning. Turmeric and ACV taken at night.

Phase 2: day 15-19 This is when your testosterone peaks and you can build that lean muscle mass easily. You should be focused on lifting heavier and getting your protein in. So use your whey protein, super greens, recover and probiotic to tone up and reduce cellulite. If you have PCOS… skip this phase as your testosterone is already higher and you don’t want to boost it more. Just move to phase 3.

Phase 3: day 20- until you bleed   This is a time to slow and nurture your progesterone. I don’t recommend using any fat burners or detox during this time as it can stress your body out more and cause your progesterone to decrease and spike cortisol leading to more belly fat. It is a good time to focus on gut health so probiotic,  recover, apple cider vinegar and turmeric.

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Break down of supplements, benefits and when to take them in the day time.

MAX BURN: this is an all natural fat burner, that will help you burn fat without the jitters or crash. The natural herb blend will also help with cravings and hunger.

Take this first thing in the morning.

MAX DETOX: This isn’t your typical shit-your-brains out detox. This will help your body detox. Getting rid of brain fog, bloat and unwanted fluff!

Take in this first thing in the morning.

PROBIOTIC: this is where your health really begins, we have to keep the gut healthy in order to make sure you absorb all your nutrients. That alone will help you progress faster, reduce cravings and balance hormones.

Take at night.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: No more choking down those nasty apple cider vinegar shots in the morning. All the great benefits of apple cider vinegar now in a simple pill.

Take at night and morning.

TURMERIC: this is great for inflammation and helps boost your metabolism during your fasting period allowing you to burn more fat with ease. Another great benefit is this helps protect your joints so you can squat and get that perky booty without the achy knees or hips.

Take in this at night.

RECOVER: I only recommend this, if you have issues with sleeping. Sleep is so important on your weight loss journey so this amazing natural herb blend will help you get into that deep sleep cycle without feeling groggy the next day.

Take at night.

PROTEIN POWDER: you only need this, if you aren’t getting enough protein in! this mixes well with liquid, no chalky yucky taste. Includes digestive enzymes, minerals to help absorb protein faster making sure you tone up without the bloat!

Use at anytime! Great to make healthy ice cream, muffins or pudding with.

GREENS: you really only need this if you have trouble getting your greens in or if you are bored with water, great way to add flavor with true benefit!

Use at anytime.​



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