3 reasons you’re not losing weight with fasting

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Have you been fasting but the scale isn’t moving?

That can be discouraging to say the least.

I want to make sure you don’t hit any roadblocks on your weight loss journey so you continue to have motivation and see great progress. Sound good?

Let’s dive into the 3 main reasons people don’t see results with fasting.

You are breaking your fast with the wrong foods.

This is the most common reason people fail to see results with fasting. Most people break their fast with carbs, fat and protein. If this is what you have been doing then switch to either just fat or just protein or fat and protein. Skip the carbs for meal 1, they spike your insulin way up and if you mix that with fat… way more likely to store as fat so switch it up. My favorite meal to break my fast with is scrambled eggs with cheese and avocado.

Eating something that isn’t working with your body.

I talk about this a lot. So many times we eat “healthy” but don’t think about the fact that we are all different and process things differently. If you are feeling mentally cloudy, bloated, tired or sluggish after a meal. I would recommend cutting back big time on that food and see how you feel. Sometimes, things aren’t so obvious and it’s harder to pinpoint but you can figure it out through food journaling. Another thing to think about is the fact that, some of us have hormonal imbalances or thyroid issues, that “healthy” foods and fasting can throw off even more and make it harder to drop weight so stay aware of that.

Switching up your fasting.

When doing intermittent fasting, it is good to switch things up. Whether it’s your windows or fasting style. I always switch up my windows and encourage, my clients to do the same. Some days, smaller eating windows then others which is a great way to keep your body guessing. If you are truly stuck and need a full reboot then I would recommend doing a full blown fast, at the least 24 hours. Yes, only water, plain tea and coffee during that time. Anytime, I am struggling to lose weight or feel bloated, this is my go-to fast. I don’t recommend doing longer fast the week before your period though. That is how hormones get tanked but any other time of the month is totally fine to do longer fast.

If you are still struggling with losing weight after you switch these things up then I recommend that you book a free consultation with me so I can hear more about what is going on and help you overcome this. You deserve your dream body once and for all.

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After you pick your date and time, fill out your application then we will jump on a zoom call to dive into your goals, struggles and how to overcome them so you can have your dream body once and for all!

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