rub out the bloat

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One of my favorite tricks to do before getting into a bikini…


I got hooked after going to a few places for a lymphatic massage and started learning some of the techniques and tricks to do at home. I have to admit, it’s always more powerful to let an expert handle things but I did have some good results working on myself

First, I will use a vibration plate, cavitation machine then I massage my stomach, SHOWN HERE and then I walk a bit to flush my system

To ensure, I have good results, I usually do this in the morning so it is an empty stomach then I watch what I eat through the day. So of course, I focus on getting my protein in but I also have things that support my lymphatic system such as…

  • ginger
  • dandelion
  • burdock root
  • astragalus
  • cleavers

There are so many benefits to taking care of your lymphatic system so on top of looking good with no bloat, you will also have benefits like…

  • increased energy
  • better digestion
  • better immune health
  • reduced swelling
  • reduced stress and anxiety

I usually do this 2 times a week but you can do it more! This can also help speed up your results with weight loss and keep you motivated. If you need guidance and accountability for your journey then sign up for your free breakthrough call now to see what’s holding you back and how to make sure you accomplish your goals this summer

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