How to Achieve Your Goals

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Sick of starting & stopping achieving your goals!?

I totally get it because I use to be that person, always starting my fitness journey. I was too focused on the big picture and the negative things instead of being happy and positive remembering what I achieved.

Change your mind and everything in your life will change. We hear that often because it’s true! If I’m focused on the things I don’t have, what does that achieve?? Let’s shift our focus from the impossible to the possible!


If you focus on the positive and realize all the great things you have achieved already, you will start to be happier and that will continue to attract better things into your life, like attracts like!

So instead of focusing on the 20lbs you haven’t lost yet, focus on the 5lbs you have lost already! In this world, we are always rushing to the prize and forgetting to enjoy the journey.

Fitness is an amazing journey if you change your mindset about it. You can dread going to the gym and doing your workouts or you can give yourself a pep talk and say:

“Today is going to be great because I am choosing to better my health with working out and eating better.”

Give it a try for a week and I bet you will see the journey to fitness in a much better light, and I am always glad to help with my personal training program here.

So now that we talked about mindset, lets talk about achieving your goals!


Think about what you truly want. That will be the big picture.

Once you have that goal, think of someone other than yourself that you want to accomplish this goal for. A lot of people ask me:

“Why think of anyone else on this journey?”

A lot of times we give up too easily on ourselves but we refuse to give up when we have someone else counting on us. It will truly fuel you when you are feeling burnt out.

I recommend thinking of someone you really love like your family, lover or even an ex. Sometimes people get their best fuel from the anger and pain of an ex, and you can transform this energy into motivation to get results from your daily workout.

Now that you’re motivated, it’s time to start writing and breaking things down in a plan.

The Plan

  1. Write down your big goal
  2. Why you want to achieve that goal
  3. Who you want to achieve that goal for
  4. What you need to change to make your goal happen
  5. Then write small easy to achieve steps to reach the big goal

Below is an example of what I mean!



Give it a try!! And be sure to put it somewhere you see daily so you don’t get off track. I would love to see your goal board. You can leave it in the comments below! Good luck with your goals I know you can do it!

For help achieving your fitness goals, sign up today~here!



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