At Home Back Workout

At Home Back Workout

Don’t have time for the Gym?

Well, that’s no excuse! You can truly work any muscle group out while at home! Today, I’ll show you how you can train back at home with just some bands!

During this workout, you will see I use my stair case with my bands, if you don’t have a stair case they have anchors for bands as well! I’ll add a link below!

A lot of times, I hear women saying they don’t need to work back but that’s WRONG! haha Here is a list of benefits on why you should keep your back strong!

Benefits of Training your back…

  • Better Posture= Better Confidence
  • Prevents Back Pain
  • Prevents Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Protects Your Spine

Equipment Recommendations:


Exercise List…

  • High Row: Works Upper Back
  • Single Arm Pull Down: Works Your Lats
  • Bent Over Row: Works Your Lats
  • Single Arm Row: Works Your Upper Back
  • Deadlift: Works Your Lower Back, Lats, Glutes, Hamstrings




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