Why to Stretch and Foam Roll

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I created this blog to share a free challenge, The Stretch Challenge, in order to get people stretching again!


I’m not a stretch expert but I wanted to share some tips on stretching! I believe people know how important it is to stretch but just never make time to do it. If you don’t know how important it is to stretch, I’ll explain why now…

Why Is Stretching Important?

  • Keeps flexibility- keeps range of motion better, which helps prevent injury
  • Prevents wear and tear on Joints/Body
  • Prevents tightness in joints- tightness can lead to pain, stiffness and injury
  • Allows muscle to recover and grow
  • Dynamic Stretching- Warms up muscles and body, Best before your workout or when you wake up

Best time to Stretch…

I like to do an Dynamic stretches before my workout. Example of that is walking lunge or lunge in place with twist. Doing static stretches while the body isn’t warmed up yet, can actually lead to an injury. I do static stretches during and after my workouts.

Morning or Before a workout: Active or Dynamic Stretching will be your best bet.  It’ll wake up your muscles and warm up the body for the day. Try doing for at least 5-10 minutes. Each Stretch should be done for at least 30 seconds.

During or After a workout: Doing the static stretches lightly during your training, will help remove lactic acid build up. Same with after your workout and this is great for muscle soreness!




This past week, I noticed my squat form was beginning to be a little off because I was slacking on stretching. My hips became tight which then affected my lower back and my knees… I felt like I was 26 going on 96… This messes with my workouts because I’m scared of worsening my injury so I felt the need to share this story and get people motivated to stretch DAILY!

So for the next month…

WEEK 1:I want you to focus on active or dynamic stretching when you wake up for at least 5 minutes. Then after your workout even if its just a short walk, focus on stretching for at least 5 minutes afterwards.

WEEK 2: Up your stretching to 7 minutes! If you haven’t been able to get motivated in the morning do your static stretching before the gym. I still want you pushing to stretch right after training!

WEEK 3: Up your stretching to 12 minutes each session!

WEEK 4: If you have been successful with the past few weeks, I want you to up it to 15-20 minutes each stretch sesh! If you are still struggling with getting your stretching in… I want you to try foam rolling! Foam rolling is great to break down lactic acid and help with muscle soreness as well. Do you foam rolling, quicker in the morning for at least 3 minutes and after your workout, slow it down and focus on the areas that really kill when the foam roller gets near it. For at least 5-7 minutes. Doing foam rolling and stretching as a combo, is great too!

Keep me updated on how you do and motivate your family and friends to get into this healthy habit too!


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