Counting Calories/ Macros

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How many of us have been brainwashed to believe we need to count calories or macros in order to lose weight?

I have!

Or I should say… I was brainwashed when I first started my journey. Believing I had to count everything little calorie or macro that went into my mouth.

Back then, I was young so I didn’t have a ton of responsibility and I had a lot more time to track everything I ate. So it was easy and I used this site for counting. It made it easy for me and I just kept a food log with me at all time.

As I got older and the days got busier, it wasn’t as easy to track my food. Can you relate?!

The days I didn’t track everything made me feel like a screw up so I would just eat whatever I wanted at night which was usually cake. haha and I ended up falling off more than staying on track. So I decided to give up on counting. It was messing with me too much.

Counting wasn’t for me, hardcore diets weren’t for me so what was I suppose to do? Give up on my goals? That’s what I felt like doing but then I decided to really change things up…

Stop counting, stop hardcore diets and start looking at food in a different light, start seeing what fuels you and what slows you down.

When I did this, I realized my body can’t digest oats as well as I thought it did. Every time I had them, I crashed. BIG TIME. So I knew I had to replace those with a different type of carb.

I started seeing amazing results!

The weight came off, I didn’t feel deprived, I ended up adding in more cheat meals and best of all I was stronger in the gym which meant more lean muscle mass, burning through stubborn fat and one happy ass Tana Bananaaaa!

I realized we learned it all wrong and it left a lot of us feeling lost and disappointed in ourselves or at least I  felt that way.

I switched all my clients to this method and saw massive success.

Women were happier, more confident and best of all made this their lifestyle in a very simple way.

No more feeling deprived, depleted and disappointed.

Just building your dream body, confidence, and happiness.

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