Set yourself up for success with these simple steps

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Let’s get kicking butt right off the bat… No more failure. No more excuses.

Set yourself up for success with these simple steps

I want to see you live your best life, is that ok with you?

If so, I am going to show you how to set up your goals so you don’t feel overwhelmed, you stay excited and actually accomplish them!


1. BIG PICTURE (drop 40lbs) next break it down into small goals (4lbs a week)
2. Make small goals easy so you can accomplish them EASILY to help stay motivated
3. Look at what you are gaining, not losing; such as I am gaining confidence, love for myself, I am happier, more energetic, I am losing fat, I am getting stronger instead of focusing on “omg, fml.. I can’t eat cake everyday. wah!” haha
4. Reward yourself by buying a cute outfit or take yourself out to a nice dinner or cheat meal (helps keep things exciting)
5. Don’t forget to focus on positive instead of setbacks. This is something we are all guilty of. OMG! I failed, I ate cake 2 times this week when I should have had it 0 times. How about… HIGH FIVE! I only had cake 2 times this week instead of 5 days!

Does that make sense?

A lot of times, we add too much pressure, we try to rush things and we are let down so quickly the things don’t go perfectly. So this is just a quick reminder to not allow yourself to fall into that bs.

If you need help with a game plan to your goals then let’s hop on a call.
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