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Why is it so hard to accomplish my goals?

I talk to women daily and hear that  getting started and staying on track is the hardest thing to do for them. Life happens, family, events, vacation, getting tired and just flat out busy!

I totally get this and when it comes down to it, I say, “your goal doesn’t motivate you enough.”

So instead of being hard on yourself and saying, “I can’t do this.” I say, sit down and refocus on your goal and ask yourself. Does this motivate me? Does this get me excited? Do I believe I can do this?

If your answer is “no” to any of the questions above then it’s time to refocus and do some better planning.

And when I say better, I’m not discrediting your goals what so ever but meaning, let’s step them up so you will be excited about them. Another issue we run into while setting goals is self-doubt… We think, “oh, I’ve had this goal before, I can’t do this.”

So being able to overcome those issues by setting your goals up smart…

How do to that? SIMPLE! Change the wording of your goals. 

Instead of I want to drop 30lbs. Say I want to drop 30lbs so I can get into the bikini and go on a tropical vacation and finally enjoy the beach. How much more exciting is that!?

The first example, first thought is, this is going to be hard. The second example is way more motivating, picturing yourself on a beautiful beach in your dream body! SHIT! Who cares how hard the work is. I just want to go live that life! haha, Make sense?


We tend to have every excuse not to “get started” so then every Monday passes then the months pass, the years and you continue to gain weight.

We think, I can’t start this journey because I am traveling… Oh, it’s summer time, oh it’s the Holidays… and like I said, as we continue to put it off, the weight keeps piling on.

So let’s Overcome that Self-Doubt

Now, We have to let go of the past failures or we will continue to fail because of Self- doubt. So right now, repeat after me…


Once that’s done….

Now it’s time to set up your goal into smart, easy steps so you can do it. Let’s start with, this week, I won’t eat as much junk food, next week, I will add more greens in and so on.

That way you are accomplishing smaller goals and you start building your confidence to show yourself, YOU CAN DO THIS! Once, you get that under control then set up weight goals. Break it down into weeks instead of months. A lot of times we are so focused on the big picture that it gets overwhelming.

Don’t look at it like I want to drop 30lbs, look at it like, I want to drop 2lbs a week and you may not hit it every week but dropping 2lbs comes a lot quicker than dropping 30lbs so it will help you stay focused and more motivated.

Last but not least…

Time to create new habits and remove old ones. I use to have a habit of hitting the snooze button and that wasn’t bringing me anything in life. I use to have a habit of going out and drinking and that brought no benefit to my life. I use to revolve my life around eating food and that was only making me fat haha so I had to change these old habits in order to create a new life and it wasn’t as hard once I did the other steps above.

How I changed my habits was as simple as setting myself up with a schedule and I treated it like an actual career. I started waking up early and got my butt in the gym.

I started educating myself more so I didn’t get bored and have a desire to go out drinking. If I went out, I wouldn’t be out for as long so I wasn’t tempted to drink so much. And instead of meeting my girlfriends for brunch, lunch or dinner, I started getting active with them. Let’s go walk, hike, hit the gym or walk the mall! Simple little turn arounds like that helped my life big time.

I finally got the results I wanted and was able to actually keep them. If I can do it so can you!

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