Workout Myths

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I talk to women daily and they all have 1 thing in common… they waste time believing these crazy fitness myths and it drives me nuts because let’s be honest, us ladies are already beyond busy. We don’t have time to waste especially when it comes to our health, energy, confidence and body.

When we work hard for something with little to no results, it’s insanely discouraging, right?

That’s why we need to stop falling for this BS and do things, that get us LASTING results.

So here are the 3 myths, you need to stop buying into now

  1. HIIT training is always best to burn fat

Don’t get me wrong… HIIT is a great way to burn fat but it is not always the best way to burn fat. If you have been doing HIIT for a while and not seeing results. It is time to move into a more slow pace type workout. I believe women always think, “I just need to push harder.” But it’s not always the best thing for you and your body so switch it up, try 4 weeks of more steady workouts like walking, no supersets and yoga to give your body a break then go back into your HIIT workouts.

2. Cardio is the only way to lose weight

While cardio is a great way to drop weight. This shouldn’t be your main focus. In fact, too much cardio can actually cause more cravings because you can become very depleted. Crazy, right!? 

I always recommend finding cardio you enjoy and mix that with a weight routine even if it is just body weight! I hear the excuse of “I don’t know what to do” all the time and I have to get real with you for a second. We have endless resources at our finger tips. You can you my Youtube or IG for free for workouts. I also have a challenge membership to keep workouts fun and exciting for only $27 a month. And if you want faster results and accountability, I do have custom coaching ranging from $197-397. So time to get real with yourself and know that there is nothing standing in your way except for you.

3. Lifting makes me bulky

There are 2 types of muscle fiber. They do respond differently to the types of workouts you are doing.

This is why I drill into people. Figure out what works best for you and that does take trying different lifts, training styles and even rep/sets variations.

Technically, you won’t look like a man just from lifting but I do understand when a woman feels boxy or bulky. This was one thing I argued for a long time but looking back at some of my pictures, I feel I was bulky. I was lifting for hours a day, spilt training, heavy weights, low reps, high sets, minimum cardio during this time frame and I was happy with my body then but I am happier now. I feel lifting a decent weight, full body, circuit training with a healthy balance is what has been my favorite results. So keep in mind, things change over time and what use to work for you back in the day, may not be the same result you want nowadays and that’s ok! Be open to playing around and trying new things.

If you want to cut out all the guesswork and start seeing results now then let’s talk.

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