Why you aren’t accomplishing your fitness goals…

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How many times have you tried to accomplish your dream body and failed to reach it?

I’m with you. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve failed to get the results I wanted.

Looking back on why that was, I noticed that when I started my fitness journey, I was only willing to purchase the cheap products and services because my mindset was, “why spend the money if I’m not sure it will work?”

I was scared of buying healthier foods and supplements because I heard they were more expensive (which isn’t true).

 I didn’t want to hire a trainer because I thought it was a waste of money, not knowing if they can get me results they promised.

That made my journey a lot harder than it should have been.

I was constantly battling whether I should invest in myself because I didn’t feel worthy. 

So I went with the cheaper options, not really caring if I lost the money or not and noticed I was only half committed. And when you aren’t fully committed to something… it is bound to fail.

So guess what happened to me? I FAILED! For a long ass time. haha

Until I made a decision, a commitment to myself and changed my mindset.

I decided to feel worthy of change, worthy of seeing results and most importantly, to feel worthy of investing in ME… not just with my time but with my money. 

I invested in a trainer, invested in good supplements and even invested in healthier foods! That is when my life became magical. I became happier, healthier and got exactly what I wanted… my dream body.

My trainer took out the guesswork and the stress of what I should be doing so I was able to focus on doing the work to get my dream body.

Years later, I am seeing it happen to people all over the world and it kills me because I have been there and know how it feels. 

People opt out for the cheaper program, the free app or Instagram videos… only to continue struggling… not seeing results than getting discouraged and/or depressed which leads to giving up.  Has this happened to you?

It doesn’t have to be that way! Take a leap of faith, trust in yourself and know you are worthy of investing in you.

I want to challenge you to do that today!

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