When to start and stop eating…

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Have you been confused by all the info out there?

I have to eat first thing in the morning!?

I can’t eat carbs past 5pm?!

If I want a rocking body, I have to eat everywhere 3 hours…

I believed all this bs too, when I first started in my fitness journey, 15 years ago…

But you know what… it’s fn impossible. Right?

My entire life, I skipped breakfast at the normal time (7am), skipped meals and usually stopped eating pretty early so I could relax and read at night.  I was lean, happy and had energy like a crackhead all the time. When I hired a trainer, she said I have to eat before the gym or I will break down lean muscle mass. And of course, she put me on the basic bitch diet (no offense) but I was told I have to eat oats and eggs every morning and then a meal with lots of protein every 2 hours in order to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. 

As I did that, I gained weight, my workouts were slower and I just didn’t have the energy I did before. But instead of listening to my body, I kept trying to push through and listen to her. Which only got me chubby and tired. So I went back to my old ways. Fasted workouts, I woke up at 6, got to the gym and didn’t eat until about 10 or 11 depending on how hungry, I was that day. Then I would have another meal at 1/2 and be done by 5/6.  

Once, I started doing that, I dropped weight, had my energy back, felt happy and light again…. so turns out, I don’t digest oats, that well. And my body runs better on an empty tummy. My point of telling you this is…

It is so important to tap in and figure out what works for you. Just because you are eating so called “healthy” foods, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you and just because someone has had success on a certain way of eating, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. You have to test and try things for yourself. Doing it with guidance makes it a lot easier but be sure you have a trainer who listens to you and explains why you are doing certain things.

A lot of people want to do intermittent fasting now, which I have always loved but was always told not to talk about because it went about what we learned in school for nutrition. Fasting has been around for forever and now someone threw a fancy word in front of it and made it popular (thank god) but I don’t believe this is a diet or anything for short term success. I believe it is a lifestyle and makes health and fitness way easier for busy people who can’t eat every few hours!

Figure out an eating window an 8 hour eating window, eat every 4 hours and see how you feel with that. And remember you can adjust your eating window every once in a while depending on your events.  So if you have been wanting to try it then  do it but always remember to listen to your body. 

And if you need help with that, take my free training by clicking here!

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