Best workouts and foods for Core

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In my booty blog, I talked about what is most important to us, ladies…

And it is booty and core! So I promised a core blog as well!

We have this misconception, that if we want a flat stomach or some ab definition then we need to starve ourselves and do as much cardio as possible. And I have to stop you RIGHT THERE!!! haha Because that is not the proper way to get the flat stomach you have always desired.

There are foods and exercises, that will actually help you get that flat stomach.

You heard that right.. FOOD!

Most women will shy away from food or carbs anytime they want to lean out but I am here to say, PLEASE don’t.

Foods you should eat…

  • High fiber foods such as Pineapple (this includes fruits)
  • Lean protein (always a good healthy choice, no matter what the goal is)
  • Complex carbs such as Quinoa, Brown Rice
  • Healthy fats such as Avocado

What Foods to avoid…

  • Processed Sugar foods such as cookies
  • Processed carbs such as french fries
  • Fried Food (yes, even if it’s chicken)
  • Sugary Drinks Alcohol

Now for the workouts, yes, cardio is important in order to melt away the fluff but that’s not all you want to focus on.

You need to have a good balance of core workouts along with interval cardio to really see maximum results.

Here are some of the most effective core workouts you can do!

  • Mountain Climber Burpee
  • Plank Pike
  • Figure 8
  • StarFish
  • Leg Raises

I recommend doing at least 20 reps, 4 sets. That’s what I do and I love it. I feel the burn but never too sore to the point where I am dying haha. I work core at least 4 days a week. It is ok to train daily but I do recommend training full body and adding core workouts as a bonus for best results. Don’t  just focus on JUST core. As far as, cardio goes… 20 minutes interval cardio has been proven to be the most effective to burn fat. If you can’t do interval cardio for whatever reason then try 30 minutes at a steady pace!

Exercise Demo Video!

Remember, to have patience on this journey. We don’t see results over night. We see results when we stay consistent. Don’t forget to share this blog with your family and friends.

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