Pregnancy Update: week 25

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25 weeks into pregnancy and count down begins!!!

Let’s start with… I FEEL LIKE A COW AND I AM GROWING UTTERS! hahahaha 

This week was the first week, I started camping out for fast food. The cravings have gotten strong and I have wanted a lot of carbs and sugar which I am assuming are coming from my lack of energy! That is why we usually get those cravings. I have caved about 20% of the time but I still try to pick something healthy so my little girl is healthy. 

I believe I am so tired from not being able to sleep at night… it’s tough to fall a sleep then I usually wake up with back pain. By the time the morning comes around, I usually am beat so some days I sleep in a bit longer and do an easy workout at home but on days, I know I have it in me, I get up and kick ass. I do take a little caffeine just to help push me through the day.

I did have a scare from a blood test saying that my HCG levels are high and I made the mistake of googling what could happen… So I was super freaked out and distraught from that but my doctor calmed me down quickly. haha So do yourself a favor… don’t google shit!!! hahaha

From the high HCG level, I guess it can affect the placenta towards the end of my pregnancy and just needs to be monitored. So not a HUGE deal but I am still doing what I can do strengthen my placenta. Which you can do and I recommend doing (as long as your doctor says it’s ok)! But you can do through working out and eat properly.

Some foods that help with strengthen the placenta…

  • sweet potato
  • nuts
  • eggs
  • lean protein
  • greens
  • baby aspirin (doctor recommended)

Easy Workouts…

  • walking
  • squats
  • lunge
  • kegels

I am still lifting weights and doing cardio 5 days a week for 90 minutes at a time and if you have the energy and are allowed to workout then I say do it. If you need guidance with that, feel free to email me so I can help you with that. So I guess for this update, it’s listen to your body as always but don’t let laziness take over. Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean your life ends. This is where life truly begins for you and baby.

We are all aware when we are tired or just flat out lazy. Tap in and find the mama motivation that we need when we are caring for our babies. It will only benefit us in the long run. There will be nights and mornings, you won’t want to wake up with baby but it’s the power of motivation and love that get our ass moving because our why is our beautiful gift, our child. So that is how I find motivation on my lazy days and it has helped me look at things in a new light so highly recommend it.

Oh and exciting news, I have a postpartum program coming along to help you shift your mindset as well as your body while being a busy mama.

And for my expecting moms​​​​, I have an ebook coming soon so stay tuned!

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