Water Talk

Water Talk

Water talk, a lot of people don’t realize what a huge part this plays in our health! A lot of times we are taught, that water is bad because it makes us retain water but that’s not true. The less water you drink, the more water you retain. Why?! Because our bodies need water and if they aren’t getting it enough, it will hold on to whatever it gets. Just like when we starve our bodies, they hold on to more fat. The more water you have, the more your body flushes it’s system. So you will actually lose water weight by drinking more. I know it’s tough to get enough water in but if you carry your water with you or only order that while you’re out, you should be able to get it in! I’ll share some tips that help me get my water in!

  • 1 glass of water right when I wake up.
  • I carry a gallon of water when I run around so I remember to drink it.
  • Have a glass with every meal and after.
  • Be sure to drink water during your workouts and to spice to up you can add in some yummy BCAAs.


Try this for at least a week and I know you will see the benefits in

  • Skin- Less wrinkles, better complexion.
  • Tummy- Digest better.
  • Lose the fluff- Flush out your system and excess water.
  • Feel better- Flushing out toxins and staying hydrated, can also help with headaches, fatigue and even cravings!

Thats all for water talk now but be sure to check out my video below on water and let me know how you feel after getting your water in!



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