Water Talk

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Water talk, a lot of people don’t realize what a huge part this plays in our health! A lot of times we are taught, that drinking too much water is bad because it makes us retain water but that’s not true.

The less water you drink, the more water you retain. Why?! Because our bodies need water and if they aren’t getting it enough, it will hold on to whatever it gets.  The more water you have, the more your body flushes itself.

So you will actually lose water weight by drinking more which can lead to some awesome results pretty quickly so if you have been slacking, not motivated, not taking action. Let it go. Refocus on your goals and let’s start with these easy water tricks…

1. Drink room temperature water. Better for digestion.
2. Stay on top of your water through the day to flush your system.
3. Before each meal, have a glass of water. Better for digestion and keeping you full.
4. Start each day with a glass of water, lemon and apple cider vinegar.

Fumbles happen. Get up and keep at it. You are worthy of the body you desire and you will get there but you can’t give up.

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