The best time to start your weight loss journey and how to stick to it

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I get asked all the time…

 “When is a good time to start my weight loss journey?”

Everyone assumes Monday…

Fresh new week, time to make some great choices… all sounds amazing, right?

But why wait?

Why not start now?

A lot of times, we create excuses so this is what happens…

Ok, I will start Monday. I need to get all the junk food out of the house though… and I better enjoy some cheat meals before this crazy new routine. Then Monday comes… and it is the same excuse. I didn’t wake up on time, I didn’t meal prep, I couldn’t make it to the grocery store.

We can create so many excuses that hold us back and all that does is get us further away from our goals!

Which obviously isn’t good…

So the best time to start your weight loss  journey is now.

Stop overthinking it. Stop holding yourself back. Stop looking at it like an awful, horrible, dreadful journey.

I hate being bossy like that but let’s get real… being able to eat clean and stay active is one of the best blessings in this world. You deserve to live a better life. Your body deserves a better life. You deserve to get your confidence and health back so stop putting it off with silly excuses.

Life will always get in the way. You will always be busy. Someone will always need your attention. Work will always have you working long hours. School will always be filled with projects. Money will never be exactly where you want it so stop using that as an excuse to not better your life.

Even if you only take small steps today, it is better than what you did yesterday.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Switching the diet coke to water. Simple steps like this is still the beginning of an amazing fitness journey. Don’t discredit yourself just because you didn’t go squat 100000lbs and drink a kale smoothie!!! Small steps are better than no steps.

So start now.

I struggled for 6 years on my fitness journey because I was all about perfection and not progress.

I was so in my head about shit and realized, I need to get out of my own way in order to truly succeed.  I believed in order to lose weight, I had to miss out on fun times with friends, wasn’t allowed to have alcohol or donuts. It was insane diet. Eat every 3 hours. No carbs. No fun. Just water, chicken and so damn broccoli. How boring, right?

Then on top of it, I thought I could only workout in the gym, no home workouts. I had train for at least 2-4 hours. Kill myself on cardio,  eat real quick then do weights and more cardio. I remember the last time, I did that. I was choking down my protein pancakes that I prepped the night before and I was just thinking.

This can’t be my life for forever. It’s too hard… 

No wonder, I kept falling off the wagon. Everything was beyond complicated. I was struggling to drop 40lbs that came on so easily. I was depressed, discouraged and figured… I have to settle for this body but then I got on the scale and when I saw the number, I just remember falling to the floor crying.

In the middle of my pity party… I had a breakthrough moment…

I have been lean before so wtf was I doing then that made it so easy?


I realized, I had been successful because I had balance and it was time to get back to it and NO! I wasn’t waiting until Monday to start this.

I was excited and motivated again.

So, I got up, got dressed, hit the gym for a quick workout. 40 minutes dumbbells and 20 minutes cardio. It was easy and effective training that was easy to stick to 5 days a week with my schedule, adjust to yours even if you start one week with walking 10 minutes a day. ITS PROGRESS in the right direction.

When it came to eating, I decided… no more meal prep. If I feel like ordering out, I will and I know what’s healthy just like we all do… let’s be honest here… we all know ordering chicken and potatoes over a burger and fries is the better choice so I started as simple as that. I was more mindful about what and when I ate. Oh and I still ordered burger and fries but just not DAILY.

I wasn’t binge eating anymore which probably actually happen because I was sad about how I looked. I drank more water, I enjoyed some wine 2 days a week and the weight just came off. Oh and best part… STAYED OFF.

The small BETTER choices I made 70% of the time paid off more than the going 110% all the time ever did.

I also believe a huge factor was the stress I took off of myself. Not having all these rules made it easier to stick to so I wasn’t constantly stressed out worrying about meal prep, recipes, fitting in the insane workouts and trying to have a social life while following all the “fit” rules which all turned out to be complete bullshit anyways.

This is why I tell people just go for progress and simple shit because that is what will last!

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