The best time to start a Fitness routine

The best time to start a Fitness routine

I get asked all the time…

 “When is a good time to start a fitness routine?”

Everyone assumes Monday…

Fresh new week, time to make some great choices… all sounds amazing, right?

But why wait?

Why not start now?

A lot of times, we create excuses so this is what happens…

Ok, I will start Monday. I need to get all the junk food out of the house though… and I better enjoy some cheat meals before this crazy new routine. Then Monday comes… and it is the same excuse. I didn’t wake up in time, I didn’t meal prep, I couldn’t make it to the grocery store.

We can create so many excuses that hold us back and all that does is get us further away from our goals! Which obviously isn’t good…

So the best time to start your fitness journey is now.

Stop overthinking it. Stop holding yourself back. Stop looking at it like an awful, horrible, dreadful journey.

I hate being bossy like that but being able to eat clean and stay active is one of the best blessings in this world. You deserve to live a better life. Your body deserves a better life. You deserve to get your confidence and health back so stop putting it off with silly excuses.

Life will always get in the way. You will always be busy. Someone will always need your attention. Work will always have you working long hours. School will always be filled with projects. Money will never be exactly where you want it so stop using that as an excuse to not better your life.

Even if you only take small steps today, it is better than what you did yesterday.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Switching the diet coke to water. Simple steps like this is still the beginning of an amazing fitness journey. Don’t discredit yourself just because you didn’t go squat 100000lbs and drink a kale smoothie!!! Small steps are better than no steps.

So start now.

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