If you are short on time these are The Top 3 Full Body Workouts you don’t want to miss!

Sometimes, I only have 30 minutes to  workout and these are always my go- to workouts!

They get upper body, core and legs. I included a video so you can see the workouts in action and make sure you get proper form!

Top 3 Full Body Workouts

  1. 3 Way Mountain Climbers on Bosu: So I start with wide leg jump ins, I do 30 of those. Rest for a few seconds then go into cross mountain climbers, 30 times then straight into basic mountain climbers. This kills core and works upper body as well while you are trying to balance! Repeat 3 times!
  2. Good Morning to Squats: Good mornings will get your core, lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Squat will get core, quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. When you combine the two it makes for an amazing glute workout! I do 30 reps, 3 times!
  3. Deadlift-Curl-Press-Good Morning: These are a lot of moves in one so I recommend light weight so you don’t get hurt. The Deadlifts get quad,hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Curls are great for biceps. Press is great for chest, shoulders and triceps. Good mornings again will get core, lower back, glutes and hamstrings. I do this 30 reps 4 times as a finisher!


Remember to go light when first starting out with these until you perfect the form and feel comfortable moving up in weight! I love doing full body workouts at least once a week to switch it up and knock out a quick workout!
Warning… it will leave you dead sore! Hope you enjoy!
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Hi Tana, let me just say thank you & that your awesome!! I’ve been following you in Instagram and you’ve been a huge help on how to give me ideas on work outs, using the gym.I had no clue on the weights machines your videos have helped! Thanks again for helping out this rookie! Eva

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