Back and Core Workout

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Back and Core Talk…

As women we tend to hold more fat in our core and back than men do. We think we need these crazy, long, gym workouts but we can knock out a great workout with just dumbbells, in a short amount of time! Shredding this extra fluff, doesn’t just happen in the gym…

We need to Follow the Steps Below to have a Lean Back and Core…

  • Clean Diet
  • More Water
  • Less Sugar (this does not mean cut out all fruit)
  • Less Alcohol
  • More Protein
  • More Greens
  • Balance of Weights and Cardio
  • Stretching/ Yoga

Doing a few of the tips above will help big time with seeing results if you haven’t already tried them!

Great Back Home Workout With Dumbbells…

  • High Row- This will get your upper back or to what us ladies like to call it “bra fat” area
  • Bent Over Row- This will work the middle of your back
  • Low Row- This will get the lower lats and help with the “love handle” area

To get the lean sexy body you want, it is key to work all areas of your back and also your body. So don’t skip any exercise thinking you don’t need it!

Great Core Home Workouts With Dumbbells…

  • Standing Bicycle Crunch- This will work your entire core
  • Jack Hammer- This will focus more on obliques

Be sure to get your meals, water and cardio in while getting that nice lean core! Clean whole meals and intense interval cardio to burn the stubborn fluff.

Hope these tips help you! To see the workouts check out the video below!


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