Bikini Body Challenge

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Bikini season is in full effect and I am still hearing women not feeling too great about it because of covid, being quarantined, gyms closed and all the funkiness in this world…

If you are like me, you have been left feeling a bit discouraged to say the least and that led me to eating a few too many crumbl cookies to be totally honest with you.

I knew if I continued down this path, that I would spending my summer hiding which I don’t want.

I use to spend summers like that…

110 degrees out and I was hiding in a jacket because I hated my arms and stomach so much. I never wanted to put on a bikini and I truly missed out on some great times at the pool and even fun vacations. Has that ever happen to you?

Now, that I have a daughter, I don’t want that to happen because it not only takes from me but also… from her.

I want to continue to be that confident mom who can throw on a bikini with no issue. Don’t you want that? (even if you aren’t a mom)

Again, if you are like me… I know you do and YOU DESERVE THAT.

We know what foods are healthy and which ones aren’t. We know that being more active will help us burn fat but why can’t we stay motivated?

 Are our goals and dreams not motivating enough, is it fear or just pure laziness? I can speak for myself when I say this…  I get discouraged if I don’t see results and that makes it easy to get unfocused, unmotivated and just feel lost while on this journey alone. 
The more women I talk to the more common I find out this is.

​​ I understand feeling discouraged and upset when you don’t see results but there is so much when it comes to weight loss for us ladies! We are dealing with hormones, thyroid and all those great things so even living on broccoli could actually back fire. crazy, right?
That’s why it’s important to know everything there is to know about hormones, thyroid and pms but with a busy life, when will you make time to learn all that? It’s almost impossible but you are in luck because I have dove so far into learning everything about hormones with women. When I was pregnant, I wanted to make sure that I did everything right so I could lose the weight without an issue and here I am 54lbs lighter and feeling great. Now, I want that for you. Sound good?

Let’s focus on eating the right foods and do effective workouts that are quick and can be done anywhere so even during the chaos of life, it is easy to stay on track. I will make sure you get the results you want so you can feel confident in a bikini. All you have to do is follow what I give to you. Does that sound fair?

If you re struggling with bloating, digestive issues, brain fog, sluggishness and losing weight then I will be starting you with a custom gut reset so that way you know exactly what to do in order to reset your gut. Our gut health can be thrown off by the smallest things but luckily, we can change our gut microbiome with a simple reset.

If you are struggling with all the above plus struggling to lose stubborn fat in your thighs, lower belly, love handles, back and arms then after your gut reset, I will walk you through how to NATURALLY balance hormones. This will make it easier to lose the weight, feel great and tone up easier. But it all starts with the gut!

If you are ready to make health and fitness a lifestyle for you in an easy and effortless way then book your free consultation by clicking the link here.

If you have any trouble with booking then just let me know by emailing me at and I will get you booked

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