Why do Full Body Workouts?

Why do Full Body Workouts?

So what is the best way to build lean muscle mass and burn stubborn fat?

This is a topic that I never stop researching…

I am absolutely obsessed with it because I like to get my clients and myself that best results possible.

For the longest time, I was told the correct way to train is split training and you have to eat oats and eggs before every training session. If you train on an empty stomach, you will break down lean muscle mass. So I religiously, ate my breakfast, went and trained and still didn’t get my dream body.

So my routine with split training was…

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Back/Cardio

Wednesday: Shoulders/Cardio

Thursday: Legs

Friday: Arms/Abs/Cardio

After training this way for 10 years, I wasn’t seeing the results I really wanted even after working with different trainers, being a certified trainer and doing fitness competitions ( hardcore dieting.)

So I started doing more research on why I wasn’t seeing results. I had struggled with arms my whole life. I never really had muscle definition in them, I held extra fat in my triceps and it made me so insecure because people would always make comments like “you train all the time so why don’t your arms change?”

As I did more research on gene activity, I figured it’d be a good idea to try Full Body Training, 3 days a week and have 2 days of just leg day.

My new routine is…

Monday: Full Body/Cardio

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Full Body/Cardio

Thursday: Legs

Friday: Full Body/Cardio

After doing this for a few months, I felt stronger, I had more definition and I had more fun with my workouts since I wasn’t just focused on one muscle group. Once I had success with it, I switched a majority of my clients to it as well to see how they liked it. They loved their results and reached their goals a lot quicker.

Even with the success of myself and clients, I was still having trouble accepting this new way of training because for the longest time I was told, you NEED 48-72 hours of recovery if you really want to see results. So of course, I went back to research and science and had a whole new light on muscle growth.

How I was training before, I wasn’t stimulating my muscles enough. With the new way of training, I had more metabolic benefits, stimulated muscle growth more often and I burned more calories during each workout. On top of all those benefits with full body, my joints never sore now because I am not lifting as heavy.

So with my experience, I truly love doing the full body workouts. I went back to fasting since eating before lifting just completely slowed me down and I now have better results and energy through my entire workout. A lot of my clients train this way and love it but I don’t recommend doing it right off the bat especially if you have a medical issue or are new to fitness.

If you are new to fitness, I recommend eating something light and training full body. Once, you feel you can train without eating before then make the transition into fasted workouts and see how it works for you.

If you would like some guidance with figuring out your full body workout routine then join my challenge now by clicking here!

Quick sample workout:



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