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I chose to do this for anyone who can’t workout right now whether it is because postpartum, surgery, too hot outside or any other reason so we can be healthy and happy!

As many of you have seen, I had to get my breast redone, I had a really bad encapsulated implant, that I lived with for years until I finally couldn’t, my breast was swelling so bad that it started to effect blood flow to the nipple causing that to lose color! Crazy, huh?

I didn’t want to get them redone because I dread the down time after but at this point, I had no choice. I felt great after surgery and was told to walk every 2 hours for 10 minutes to prevent blood clots. I got bored of walking and got on my spin bike. No resistance and didn’t go fast at all but since I am on asthma medication, it caused my heart rate to get too high and I ended up in emergency surgery for hematoma.

I was order by my doctor…NO working out or NO supplement use for an entire 3 weeks. This was devastating since I have been working out for the last 20 years but instead of allowing it to bring me down, I decided to figure out an alternative way to stay healthy so I can heal and not deal with that again!

I would normally start my morning at 5am to get a quick 45 minute workout in before McKenzie is awake but during this healing process, I have shut off my alarm and have been allowing myself to sleep in as long as I need.

Once, I am up, I do my weight loss hypnosis in front of my red light therapy followed by a healing meditation. (I will link everything at the bottom of this blog)  This takes about 20 minutes. I get up a walk around  for about 10 minutes. This helps elevate your mood, start off your day in a positive way and even helps lower cortisol levels which are highest in the morning to get us going for the day.

I prefer to do this in a fasted state. The benefits of fasting are amazing especially for healing! I always say make sure you listen to your body and adjust your fasting windows as needed since we are women, our hormones do change by the week so you will notice, some days, you can nail fasting and wait until noon to eat then there are other days, where you need food the second you open your eyes. haha Just remember it is ok! Do not allow fasting to effect the relationship you have with food.

My normal eating window during the first half of my cycle is a mix between OMAD or eating 12-6pm. During this time, you can add in a 24-36 hour water fast to help with gut health and fat loss. Towards the second part of my cycle, I will usually switch my eating windows to 9/10 am until 4/5pm. This is a time, where you need more carbs and food so once again. Listen to your body!

When it comes to what to eat, I always recommend building your meal around protein. Always break your fast with protein and a fat so your blood sugar levels don’t spike like crazy causing more hunger through the day. My go-to proteins are eggs, coconut yogurt, steak, chicken, turkey and bone broth. For fat, I love avocado or nuts. Nut butters, you do have to be careful because a lot of them are filled with crap that can disrupt your gut microbiome.

I usually add in carbs such as potatoes, rice, vegetables or fruit for my second and third meal. Potatoes are great for happy hormones as well as rice. Vegetables are all great and as far as fruit, I usually say stick to berries until the last half of your cycle, towards the second half of your cycle, using tropical fruits for happy hormones are great. These simple little change up can have huge results so stick with it and you will continue to feel good and get healthy!

Weight loss hypnosis:

Healing Mediation:

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