10X the Basics

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When our bodies hit a plateau, we think we need to do switch up the exercises to something insane, something we’ve never done or tried so then we get overwhelmed and stuck. right?

That’s what happens to majority of the woman, I talk to.

They are busy moms working full time and just want a better body so they can have more energy and confidence which they totally deserve so instead of going crazy and trying to make up pointless new exercises, we need to go back to the basics.

The basics always work, always have, always will but sometimes we need a little switch up so getting creative with the basics is always easier than trying to make up some whole new exercise hoping it works! Make sense?

I see it on Instagram all the time. Influencers doing these insane exercises claiming it works a muscle group but it doesn’t even come close to it. So they are completely misguiding others and people wonder why they aren’t seeing results, get discouraged and give up. I hate seeing that so I break fitness down as simple as possible so you take action and stick to your goals.


  1. Add Plyo To the Basic Move such as (jump squat, plyo push-up, etc)
  2. Add More Weight (up your max, this will burn more fat and challenge your body again)
  3. Switch to full body workouts

example of how this would look:

Say you do…

  • squats
  • push ups on knees
  • seated row
  • reverse lunge
  • deadlift

You can switch it up by…

  • Jump squats
  • Push up with shoulder taps
  • Increase weight on seated row
  • Reverse lunge with bicep curl
  • Increase weight on deadlift

It can be that simple to break your plateau. I’ve been doing the same exercises for 15+ years now and I see my body change all the time but I add in these 3 simple hacks to make my life easy and challenge my body.

You don’t need to overcomplicate things like people make us believe. Keep things simple so you can stick to them.


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