the 3 major factors to weight loss

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There are 3 major factors when it comes to dropping weight and keeping it off.

  • gut health
  • hormones and thyroid
  • eating and training for your body type

So many coaches leave this out of their programs and that’s why a lot of times after you are done coaching, you gain the weight back.

I use to be one of those coaches and it broke my heart when clients would come back to me years later with the same issue of weight gain so I dove deep into helping people figure out what works best for them.

Then after dealing with hormonal issues myself, I decided to dive into hormones and couldn’t believe there was a way to sync your meals and workouts to your cycle and have it truly be a game changer but that’s exactly what happen.

Even if you don’t have a period, your hormones still peak and dip so in order to bring you back into feeling amazing, happy, healthy and drop weight easier it is important to look at.

We are so busy overcomplicating things by trying to count calories, macros and do dreadful workouts, only to be disappointed when the results don’t come. It’s time to change your approach and get your lasting results by nurturing your thyroid, hormones and figuring out what foods/ workouts YOUR body needs to thrive.

Sometimes, we believe it isn’t possible but take it from someone who dropped 54lbs, 2 years ago after being diagnosed with PCOS, balancing my hormones,  getting pregnant and then dealing with thyroid issues (happens after every pregnancy but most women don’t know that) that anything is truly possible.

Over the past decade, I have helped thousands of women worldwide accomplish the same and I want to do the same for you so let’s jump on your FREE call to see where you are at and if I can help you.

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