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Are your hormones funky? feeling out of wack? want to reduce pms symptoms and see better results on your health and fitness journey?

Well then, I have the trick for you.

Our bodies do pretty good at telling us what they need. For example, who craves carbs, sugars and more sleep before their period? That’s because that is what we need during that time. Feeling extra motivated around ovulation time? That’s all thanks to your fabulous hormones. I want you to get the most out of your hormones during each phase so let’s break things down on what to do during each phase.

Day 1-10: This is the first day of your period to a few days after.

During this time you should be cutting back on carbs. You really want to regulate insulin. Doing more keto style or high protein eating with fasting is very beneficial here. You can focus more on HIIT training and really diving deep into fat burning mode during these days. If you have been stuck at the same weight this would be a great time to do a 36 hour fast- full gut reset.

Day 11-19: 

Around this time, your testosterone will peak so take advantage to tone up and increase weight lifting. You can boost that even more by doing a carnivore style eating, focus on hormone boosting foods and adding in intermittent fasting. This is usually the time we are at our best since our hormones peak. Estrogen will make your feel beautiful, mentally clear, testosterone will give you the extra motivation and drive while progesterone will help keep you calm so you can truly conquer the world.

Day 20-30:

The week before your period. Feeling tired, want more carbs?

That’s because your body needs it so be easy on yourself.

During this time, we want to keep cortisol low so more LISS training, hike in nature or yoga/pilates. Eat the foods that help support your hormones. That includes carbs. I know I use to crave so many carbs before my period and I am talking about the unhealthy kind… You know… the processed junk… so a lot of times, I would cave and go all out and it made my PMS symptoms worse, my cravings worse so I had to change it and focus on more foods to help with my hormones which helped reduce symptoms, weight gain and moodiness. So find a balance with the process junk and Whole Foods.

Even if you don’t have a cycle, this can help you regulate hormones. I always recommend getting your levels tested to see where you are at but even if the test come back fine and you are still bloated, tired, pmsing and stuck with your weight then give this a try and see how much better you feel. I learned this method from Dr. Mindy and it has changed my life along with thousands of other women’s lives.

If you are ready to take it a step further and want to figure out exactly what foods and workouts are best for you then it is time to jump on your breakthrough call. We will rewire your mind, body and habits to truly maximize your weight loss and make sure you keep the weight off for good.

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