My Story, My Struggles.

My Story, My Struggles.


My Story, My struggles.

We all assume that fit people are just born that way. We assume they don’t have to work hard. We assume they are always motivated and eating clean. Well, that’s not always the case! Fitness has always been a battle for me until recently. My fitness journey started at the age of 13, thanks to my mom dragging my lazy butt to the gym every morning. At the time, I hated her for it but now I am so thankful that she helped me develop a healthy habit.

It hasn’t always been a healthy habit though, I think sometimes we get so obsessed with our goals or the number on the scale. My entire life I was 110lbs, I didn’t need to do much cardio or have a healthy diet. I was so use to eating complete junk food all the time. I hated healthy food. Once, I hit 21, my body decided it was time to play catch up with all my junk food, out of no where I was 148lbs (at 5’3)! I had hit my breaking point and decided to do whatever I could to lose the weight.

I tried all the quick fixes and nothing seem to work. So I got way to obsessive and decided to be in the gym all the damn time! I would start my day with an hour of cardio, I would then go do almost 2 hours of weights then  30 more minutes of cardio then finally head home to work. Didn’t worry to much about refueling my body at all which is super unhealthy. After working a bit, I would go back to the gym for a few more hours with my friends.

So many people would tell me I look sick and need to eat but I had finally hit 108lbs and was so obsessed with the number on the scale that I could careless about how unhealthy I was. I started feeling very weak and decided to start eating more and doing less training. Only issue was I went back to old eating habits… eating as many sweets as I could.

A few months of me doing this and I had hit 130lbs which actually fit my frame well and I felt good about myself. I was super sluggish and always complained about being tired. So, I went for my blood panels and my doctor told me if I kept eating the way I did, I would need to be on meds to keep my cholesterol under control. That was a wake up call for me and my bad eating habits.

Once again, I was trying to figure out what to do with my health and fitness. I realized that the only answer would be balance. Also, the secret to how I bounced back so quickly and kept it off after giving birth. I started doing 1 hour of weights followed by 20 minutes of cardio. I do IF and usually start eating by 10am or noon depending on the day. I still do my cheats once or twice a week depending on how I feel or what I am craving. One thing I truly learned through all of this is listen to your body and find the balance it needs. Going all out and being crazy strict on a diet will usually led to a bad binge afterwards so having that balance will truly help you in the long run!

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