My Story, My Struggles.

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My Story, My struggles.

We all assume that fit people are just born that way. We assume they don’t have to work hard. We assume they are always motivated and eating clean. Well, that’s not always the case!

Fitness has always been a battle for me until recently. My fitness journey started at the age of 13, thanks to my mom dragging my lazy butt to the gym every morning. At the time, I hated her for it but now I am so thankful that she helped me develop a healthy habit.

It hasn’t always been a healthy habit though…

My entire life I was 110lbs, I didn’t need to do much cardio or have a healthy diet. I was so use to eating a balanced eating style and weekends were the time my parents would treat us to junk so I stuck with that habit most of my young adult life. Until I competed in a bikini competition. I had to eat healthy food, no cheats and lived in the gym. This was only went on for a few months but messed me up for years. I know you can relate if you have competed.

I felt so deprived and ended up hating healthy food. Anytime, I had to eat, I would just chose junk food. I was binge eating, stress eating and eating out of boredom so it all caught up rather quickly. I hit 148lbs. Almost an extra 40lbs.

I felt ashamed. I was always the fit girl growing up and here I was feeling heavier than ever before. I was so embarrassed that I decided to hide and eat my feeling which obviously only made things worse. I got on the scale one more time and thankfully I did. I was creeping up to another pound and just fell to the floor. I was so upset and disappointed in myself.

It was finally my breaking point. The wake up call, I truly needed to get my shht together once and for all. I was losing this weight and that was it.

Of course, I wanted it gone asap. I tried all the quick fixes and nothing seem to work.

I even tried the HCG diet and that completely failed me because me living on 500 calories was impossible.

So then I decided to get way to obsessive and decided to be in the gym all the damn time! No… I mean legit. ALL THE DAMN TIME.

I would start my day with an hour of cardio, I would then go do almost 2 hours of weights then  30-45 more minutes of cardio then finally head to work. I didn’t worry to much about refueling my body at all which is super unhealthy. After working a bit, I would go back to the gym for a few more hours with my friends. Usually 4-5 hours a day.

So many people would tell me I look sick and need to eat.

I had hit 108lbs and was so obsessed with the number on the scale that I could careless about how unhealthy I was. I started feeling very weak and decided to start eating more and doing less training. Only issue was I went back to old eating habits… which of course, led me to find the weight I had lost. This time, I carried the weight differently so I wasn’t as worried about how I looked but I had a constant bloat, fatigue and just hated how I felt at this weight. I knew something was off.

So, I went for my blood panels and my doctor walked back in with a very puzzled look.

He went on to tell me if I kept eating the way I did, I would need to be on meds to keep my cholesterol under control. That was my second wake up call. I couldn’t continue on this insane rollercoaster anymore. It was killing me.

If it wasn’t my confidence, it was my actual health which was even scary.

I knew I wanted a family, I knew I wanted to live a long, healthy and exciting life so it was time to truly rewire my mind, body and habits. I turned around my outlook on food, I started doing what felt right for me which was staying away from certain foods (including healthy ones), finding a healthy balance of donuts in my weekly eating schedule (haha no joke) I did more fasting, cut back on cardio and gym time, only to have me at my perfect health and weight even after pregnancy. I dropped 54lbs, I feel great, I am healthy, happy and confident.

I tell you this because I see so many women do exactly what I did for so long, only to destroy their thyroid, throw off their hormones and feel completely defeated when they aren’t seeing results. We have all struggled, we have all been on the rollercoaster but the one thing that matters is not giving up, truly hacking your mind and body to make sure you drop the weight and keep it off. If you are ready to do that, I would love to help you.

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