How to burn stubborn stomach fat (faster)

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Struggling with Stubborn tummy Fat and just want it gone?!

I remember trying to crunch my way to a flat stomach…

I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing the results, I wanted. Ever happen to you?

Doing all the cardio and crunches and choking down that dry, plain chicken but still have that stubborn stomach fat? YUP! I’ve been there too. This was everything I knew about health and fitness. Eat your protein, do your cardio and do crunches daily.

After doing my research and trying it for myself, I switched some stuff up and finally saw the results I wanted…

The Switch up…

Instead of killing myself on hours of boring cardio, I switched to interval cardio. So short burst of intense cardio for example, sprint for 1 minute, walk for 1 minute and repeat for 20 minutes.

This will help cut your time on cardio, burn stubborn fat and get that heart working!  It’s easier to stick to since it is more action packed and shorter amount of time. Most people hate cardio because they do long sessions and it gets boring.

When it’s boring, we tend to just want to skip over it. So switch it up and make it exciting.  Quick, short 20 minute cardio workout. No excuse to not get it done.

The next thing I did is going to shock you…


Yeah, you read that right. I stopped working my abs and started doing full body workouts.

And you may be wondering… how does that make any sense?

We all believe if we want to improve a certain area, we must focus on it. Well… not true. Working full body throws your body in fat burning mode faster than isolated movements.

So one of my favorites is squat to press. Working your entire body and engaging that core.

After doing some full body workouts, you can add in isolated exercises for abs if you’d like but for best results, you want to do BOTH! I love to superset a full body exercise with an isolated exercise.

Here is a great full body workout that you can do at home (don’t mind my assistance McKenzie and Theo haha)

Let’s talk about food.


A lot of us have a fear about carbs. Did you know vegetables are considered carbs?

The carbs you need to watch out for are the overly processed ones like breads, pastas and donuts. You can have these once or twice a week but I don’t recommended them daily while trying to burn stubborn fat.

Next big thing… protein….

“if I eat too much protein, I will get bulky”

This is complete BS!

You need a well balanced diet in order to lean out and see the results you want.

Lean protein, carbs and healthy fats with spices and herbs for an extra metabolism boost.

A perfectly balanced recipe would be…

protein pancakes for all my pancake lovers that want to drop stubborn fat and kill that sweet tooth!

The last thing we need to talk about… SUPPLEMENTS.

Do you need them? NO.

Do I take them? YES!

I believe the supplement industry forces everyone to jump on the “buy everything bandwagon way too often” and I hate that because people throw away money on things they don’t need so I will break it down nice and simple for you.

If you are struggling with energy…

  • Fat Burner
  • Detox

If you are struggling with bloating…

  • Probiotic
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Detox

If you are struggling to lose weight and tone up…

  • Fat burner
  • Protein powder

If you struggle with all the above then…

  • Detox
  • Probiotic
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Fat burner
  • Protein powder

Finding quality supplements can be challenging or at least that’s what I dealt with. I wanted something natural so I didn’t end up like 70% of women with thyroid issues or hormone issues. Two main reasons, women gain belly fat and struggle to achieve their dream body. This can happen when you put chemicals in your body, crap products and expose yourself to too many toxins.

I was sick of people struggling including myself so I created a natural product to help with the root issue of weight gain. Gut health. When you take care of your gut, everything else follows so I based my products on gut health, natural herbs and vitamins to help your body detox, heal and lose that unwanted weight so you can stop feeling sluggish, bloated and fluffy!

Order yours now by clicking here.

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