2020 B.S.

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Are you feeling unmotivated?

Sick of constantly starting over?

Is 2020 leaving you stress eating like a mofo?

If so, all I can say is…OMG! I am beyond thrilled about this… I know sounds rude but it is because I can help you.

You know I love motivating, inspiring and getting your ass moving with real tips on how to get and stay fit.

If you have followed me for a while then you know my story, my struggle and how much I hated fitness just a few years ago.

I was skinny my entire life, my mom would drag me to the gym everyday when I was 13 and I hated her for it.

I thought it was beyond pointless…

Who the fuck really needs a tricep extensions?! Is what I would mumble to myself as I  pushed through these stupid workouts….

I eventually fell in love with fitness by the time, I was 17. I developed a great habit of working out and it pushed me to get into a fitness competition but there’s where I f’d up… a

I was put on a hardcore diet, insane workouts, lifting heavy and doing long hours of cardio. Have you ever done this to try and lose weight?

I began to hate fitness as it took up over half of my day…

I did the fitness competition and hated it. Hated fitness. Hated dieting. Hated the gym. So I rebelled. I went on an insane binge and it eventually caught up to me… I packed on 40lbs then I couldn’t get it off…

I kept dieting and going to the gym but nothing was working…

I struggled for 6 years, coach after coach. Diet after diet. Workout after workout.

I felt defeated to say the least.

I realized all these basic methods weren’t working for me…

 I needed to REWIRE the way I was thinking about food and workouts. I needed to REWIRE my body so I would respond to food and workouts. I needed to REWIRE myself.

I was sick of coaches beating me up for eating too much ice cream. I was sick of coaches beating me up for not lifting heavy enough. I was sick of being treated like everyone else.

I became the coach, I needed. I became supportive, real, raw and came up with a new approach to coaching.

I was over this scam of every new diet trend.

I wanted something I could do long term when it came to eating and training.

I wanted to eat my donuts and still have my abs so I finally rewired my body…

I figured out what foods worked best for me, what work outs were more effective and how often I could get away with my cheat meals. Once I did that, I dropped the 40lbs and kept it off…

Then I got pregnant (must have been that hot body of mine hahahaha jk) I packed on 42lbs during my pregnancy and within 8 weeks, I was down 54lbs and here we are a year and a half later and I am still down 54lbs and it is because I rewired my body.

I tell you this because you can do it too but you have to stop with the old way of thinking. The old way of doing things and truly rewire your body so you can have the long term success that you deserve.

Book your one on one zoom call with me now so we can start to rewire your body NOW!

Book here. Spots are limited so get yours now.

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