My favorite diet

My favorite diet

If you have followed me for a while, you know I am not huge on dieting.

Yes, you need to clean up your eating habits in order to drop weight but you shouldn’t be on something super restrictive.

So, if I had to choose a diet, it would definitely be carb cycling. I love this because you have your low carb and high carb days. Alternating this allows your body to deplete itself of carbs then you get your high carb day to fill up your tank again. I feel this works great for me short term because I usually only stick to 1 or 2 days of “dieting” then I am over it and says f it.

Carb cycling allows me to do the 2 low carbs days then refuel so I don’t feel deprived. For 6 years, I tried insane diets and it left me feeling deprived so when that happen… I was discouraged, depressed and 30lbs overweight, waiting for the answer. Which for me a balance diet long term is best. I don’t count anything or obsess over food anymore. I was able to figure out what worked for me with the right mindset and food journaling.

So majority of the time, I am just doing a balanced diet. Especially, now that I am pregnant. But when it comes to events or photoshoots, I was using carb cycling to drop the extra fluff. I only do carb cycling for about 3-4 weeks at a time. That’s when I see results and still feel great.

I have done keto in the past. But it was hard for me. I have had high cholesterol in the past so I have to be careful of what I am eating. Plus without carbs… I am not too nice or energetic. haha So I didn’t last long on this. In the end, we all respond differently to different diets. So my tips to you to figure out what’s best for you is be mindful and keep a food journal so you know what is holding you back in your health and fitness journey. And if you want to dive deeper on this topic then check out my webinar by clicking HERE!

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