Holiday Hacks

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Do you have a love/hate relationship with this time of the year?

It’s pure bliss to see the twinkle of the lights while sipping hot chocolate and watching all the Holiday cheer but then…the stress of shopping for the gifts, cooking the perfect meal and fear of overdoing it with the wine at dinner set in…

I use to hate this time of year for one vain reason.

I was scared of gaining weight. Can you relate?

All the yummy food plus the stress of everything is a dangerous combo.

I was putting in so much time and effort with my body that I couldn’t even imagine enjoying the food and treats because I was scared of losing my abs. How vain, right?

I knew it was pathetic but I also knew I wasn’t the only person who was scared of the Holiday Gains.

Do you ever think to yourself?

I love the Holidays but wish I could truly enjoy them more?

Sick of stressing the small stuff?

If so, let’s make a commitment with each other right now.


We have to shift our mindset about the Holidays.

Instead of focusing on the stress of perfection. Focus on the perfect blessings in your life. Letting go of the weight around the Holidays is a huge part of your weight loss journey.

  1. Because when we get stressed, we stress eat.
  2. When we stress, we hold onto belly fat.
  3. Focusing on blessings will attract more blessings.

So 1,2,3  BREATHE IN AND OUT… Now, let it all go and repeat after me… all will work out perfectly, I let go of the stress so I can enjoy this beautiful blessing called life. Right now, it’s time to focus on you. The biggest blessing you have is your life. The fact you’re alive and well is one huge blessing so now we need to 10X your health by hacking the Holidays. Sound good?

Holiday Hacks (avoid that unwanted weight gain)

  1. Dial it in the week before by cutting out processed carbs, processed sugars and eat more of a Whole Foods diet so things that you find in your produce section not the isles in the grocery store.
  2. Use the Holiday as your cheat day, prep yourself by getting active before your meal, do intermittent fasting and flush your system with water after your meal.
  3. Get bands. This way you can workout wherever, whenever. So if you are traveling, throw them in a suitcase. If you are cooking at home then you have some to knock out a quick 10 minute workout.

Now, let’s talk about meal hacking!

Do you get super excited over Holiday meals?

If you’re like me… the excitement is really real. haha I freaking love Holiday meals.

I sat down for my first plate surrounded by laughter and family… I couldn’t wait to dive in…

Before taking my first bite, I remembered how I felt that morning, I woke up feeling so good, light and happy and I knew if I overdid it, I’d feel like a dying whale. This made me think about how to meal hack so I feel satisfied without getting multiple plates as I always did and always regretted it because how full I would be.

I ate the protein first, green beans second then potatoes and stuffing smothered in gravy. I went up to get a second plate and before I realized it, I was back to my Holiday Habits… I stopped dead in my tracks (I was scooping the mashed potatoes) and realized…

I’m not hungry, I feel satisfied so why am I getting more? HABITS. Have you ever done this? Just got up for another plate without thinking twice?

It hit me.

We are so brainwashed to overeat around the Holidays that we don’t even think about checking in with how we feel.

Meal hack steps

  1. Workout in the morning (lift a major muscle group like legs to burn more calories)
  2. Eat your protein first
  3. Drink your water
  4. Eat your vegetables (wow, that was super mom sounding haha)
  5. Eat your carbs baby
  6. Check-in with yourself, are you full? Do you want more? If so, get more repeat 2-6 and don’t forget dessert

The Aftermath…

Majority of the times, after a Holiday meal, you will feel heavy, bloated and sluggish because it’s heavy food your body isn’t use to so getting back to feeling good asap…

  1. Relax with your loved ones
  2. Don’t stress over what you ate
  3. Take your probiotic (order here)
  4. A shot of apple cider vinegar or pill form (order here)
  5. Max detox (order here)
  6. Go for a walk if you feel up to it
  7. Stay on top of your water to flush your system
  8. Don’t stress eating more meals, if you are full, you are full, don’t eat unless you are hungry

If you need some extra love and support navigating through the Holidays then let’s jump on your FREE call now. Book here.

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