Stay on track during the Holidays

Stay on track during the Holidays

I use to hate this time of year for one vain reason.

It would be so stressful for me because I loved food so much but I was so mentally messed up that I couldn’t enjoy it.

I had believed, that if I get off track at all, that I will fall off, lose my abs, all my hard work and have to start all over again. Because that is what happen to me for 6 years…

I was so sick of feeling this way because it was my absolute favorite time of the year. I have loved the Holidays since I was a child. Being able to decorate, make cookies, hang with family, eating amazing food and best of all… open presents. haha jk

I wanted to feel excited again…

I wanted to enjoy and not be filled with shame again…

So I made a commitment to myself.


I knew I had to focus on my mindset about the food around the Holidays. So what I decided to try that year was so crazy to me… I decided a week before Thanksgiving, I will be dieting… but only until Thanksgiving day. So that is exactly what I did. I dialed it in for a week and when Thanksgiving got here, I went and knocked out a workout, got in a healthy breakfast, maybe even a snack or lunch then it was cheat time…

I sat down for my first plate… I ate the protein first, green beans second then potatoes and stuffing. I felt so good with my choices that I went back for seconds and even had dessert. This was the first time ever, I didn’t feel guilt or shame. I felt full as hell but I loved it. haha So I have stuck with that little trick since.

The second one was not giving up on myself because it’s the Holidays. We get in this mindset of “oh I was gain weight around this time so who cares” and that’s exactly why you gain weight. Setting your expectation for what has always happen is why it always happens. So changing that mindset to “I will keep off Holiday weight with no problem this year” and adding a little work behind it, will get you a different result.

I have seen many people tap out of workouts and eating clean around this time of the year because of so many excuses and I can promise you… they are all BS! You need to get out of your own head and just take action even if it is only walking or doing a 20 minute workout in your living room. Just get up and do it. This helps build that discipline and makes it easier to walk into the new year without having to drop an extra 10lbs from the Holiday Season.

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