let’s get lean by Halloween

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There’s never a perfect time to start your weight loss journey…

We tend to come up with a million excuses on why we can’t start.

Are you guilty of that?

Guilty of collecting recipes and workouts, only to get further from your goals and not put anything to use?

We’ve all done that. We’ve all been there… 

To be honest…It just happen to me AGAIN… my lungs are a huge issue for me and I was hospitalized for the second time because I just didn’t have time to go to the doctor…

What we don’t make time for will eventually catch up and force us to sit down and face it.

So make sure you get it handled before it is too late which is why I am going to encourage you to work on yourself now instead of waiting until the New Year. How many times have you done that to yourself? Let yourself slack because it is the Holiday season?

I think we are all guilty of it and need a bit of a reality check.

Every year, it is “I will make this year my best year.” Only to get half way through the year and realize there is no change or improvement in what you promised yourself and yet we still cut ourselves slack when it’s Holiday time. Are you going to do the same this upcoming year?

Be real with yourself. Get honest with yourself and take action on what you need to or you will end up like me. Faced to sit with your shit and truly wish you had taken action sooner. Not only did I get hospitalized for an entire weekend which took time from my family, my clients and overall life but I also  got stuck with a $22k hospital bill!

Health is the number 1 thing we have. It’s not all about feeling energetic, confident and sexy. It is about living life with the people we love, making sure we can be there for them and not stuck in a hospital bed.

Let’s dive into health.

How to lose weight while still enjoying this amazing time of the year.

I always recommend starting with a gut reset to really make sure you don’t get stuck with your goals. You can do this for a day, a few days or a week. I usually find my clients have the best results with around 3-5 days. I recommend to do intermittent fasting during this time frame. Starting your meals at 10am and ending by 7pm. Drink only water, Whole Foods and cut out the rest!  add in Max detox with apple cider vinegar for faster results.

Once you get that done, start finding a balance for YOUR lifestyle and hormones. Too many people jump to these crazy diet restrictions around the Holiday time wanting to drop weight and it just backfires. Once you allow yourself to enjoy treats and actually work with your hormones instead of against them, you will have better results and it will be easier to stick to.

Usually having treats 2/3 times a week is fine, What I don’t want for you is starting everyday with a pumpkin spice latte and muffin then wondering why you aren’t seeing results. Plus, I usually don’t recommend doing that too often because you will be so sensitive from not eating all night then spiking your blood sugar levels, it makes it more likely to store as fat so be mindful of that. We have to aim to be good about 80% of the time.

Now, the workouts… you guys know, I am all about balance.

There is no need to go insane and do workouts that you dread or hate. Find something that you enjoy so you can stick to it and get the results you want. I love lifting weights, cardio not a huge fan but I still find the balance in my workout. So for example, I will warm up 10 minutes of cardio, do 40 minutes of weights then end with 10 minutes of cardio. That way I get my workout done in under an hour, I break up my cardio so it’s not a long drawn out session and it has helped big time. For the quickest results, I do recommend doing full body with interval cardio. With that being said, if you have been doing interval cardio and not seeing results then switch it up to steady cardio.

Finding balance is key to long term success especially on your weight loss journey. I believe we are all programmed to think we need to do extreme things for extreme results but we don’t. That’s usually why most people fall off, gain the weight back and just give up. I don’t want that for you and I doubt you want it for you.

So let’s break that cycle now!

I will be emailing you each week on how to eat, train and supplement based on your hormones.

This is not a custom plan, it is a free challenge. If you are looking for a custom plan then book your FREE consultation with me now to see how I can help you. Just book a time and day that work best for you and I will see you on our call. 



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