Sick of Playing the Guessing Game?

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I had so many replies yesterday when I asked “what do you struggle with in your health and fitness?”  and 99.9% of the struggle was diet!

I’m not even shocked though…

We are brainwashed to think diets are the answer and drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out what diet is best for us. Right?!

Let’s face it… all diets work. SHORT TERM. But are you going for short term results or do you want to get and stay fit once and for all without having to diet again?

We have all done diets… they worked for a week or so then we all fall off and then Monday comes around and we are back to “ok, this time it’s for real!” Then 3 days in we get distracted by donuts. Am I right? or is this just me? haha

I was like that for 6 years! YES 6 YEARS! Ruled by diets, numbers and hours in the gym. I missed out on so many fun years of going out, traveling and all that because I was scared to get off track. Can you relate?

After struggling for 6 years, jumping from trainer to trainer, diet to diet, I finally had enough! I wanted a happy, healthy life. I was sick and tired of being frustrated, confused, depressed, overworked and overweight.

My breakthrough happen after getting on a scale and realizing I was 32lbs heavier than what I was suppose to be. I remember walking into the bathroom, getting on the scale and just falling to the floor crying.

I was so confused. I was eating good and spending hours in the gym, yet I was GAINING weight… and not muscle. That shit was all fluff. haha

After sitting up against the bathroom wall, snot tissues everywhere, swollen eyes from crying, I started to think… How did I get here?

I had been 108lbs my entire life. How am I up to 140lbs in a month? That’s when it all clicked. HOLY SHIT! I never stuck to a crazy diet before or over trained. I had a balanced life and did what worked for my body type…

I gained 32lbs in one month after doing my first bikini competition because I was so restricted on my diet for prep so when the competition was done, I went HAMMMMM on food. This totally took a toll on my metabolism and jumping from diet to diet didn’t help much either…

Once, I realized this I went back to the basics and figured out what worked for me and my body. Years later, here I am finally happy and healthy. I enjoy my life, my food and my workouts again. Would you like to live a life like that or would you rather keep playing a guessing game with your body?

I know what you’re probably thinking… I don’t know what works for my body type, I don’t have the time, the knowledge, the motivation, the money, it’s my genes, it’s my metabolism.

Well, I am here to give you some tough love…

Those are all limiting beliefs.

GOOD NEWS they can all be changed but it has to start with your mindset. You have to know you can do this. If I figured it out… so can you. I am no one special. I was just a basic b who just loved fitness!

This took so much time to figure out… I mean I wasted 6 years playing with insane diets and workouts. So I want to take all that guess work out for you and really get you in tune with your body so you know exactly how to get and keep your dream body.

This is how I can help you…

  • Mindful Morning Routine (start your day in a positive way, be more mindful through the day)
  • Meal Guide based on your favorite foods (super easy to follow)
  • Workout Guide (based on your body type and custom to the time you have in the gym)
  • Supplement Guide (speed up your results)
  • 12 weeks of Hand in Hand Guidance with me (support, motivation and accountability)

Then you get an added bonus…

  • Access to my membership guide (videos, recipes)
  • Recipe ebooks ( recipes)
  • Mindset Guide (changing your mindset to create a beautiful life)
  • Goal Setting Planner (get your goals dialed in and how we can achieve it)
  • Food Journal (figure out whats working for you)
  • Vegas Trip to come hang with me (bootcamp & brunch plus girl time in vegas, so fun, right!?)

Does this sound like something that would help you?

I don’t just let anyone in this program… so you will have to go through a screening call to make sure this is the perfect fit because I refuse to let anyone fail in this program!

Book your free call here.

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