How to be better

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This is the most important challenge out there…

So I want to ask you to open your mind and listen up.

This is how I changed my life.

I went from broke ass, fat ass, mean ass. Just assy, sassy person to an amazing, loving, happy, healthy, wealthy woman…

We all have a belief system, it can be great or it can be bad. Having a great belief system is what will get you to your goals and help you live a fulfilled life. Having a bad belief system will keep you locked in your same old bullshit.

I had a bad belief system for a while.

I use to tell myself, “I can’t, I suck, I fail, that’ll never be me, I am just this way.” This held me back from taking action. It held me back from an incredible life, the life I desired so badly but was too scared to actually take action on.

I use to think I couldn’t diet, lift heavy, have motivation, have my dream career and inspire or motivate others. I was surrounded by others who thought, felt and acted the same way about themselves.

Then one day, in my business class, my teacher had this crazy assignment. Manifesting, Dream Boards and Mindset. I thought this man was off his rocker. Telling us we can accomplish whatever we want, he challenged us to dream big, truly believe in ourselves, write down the biggest, craziest dream we have and go for it.

So I did… I mean I had nothing to lose at this point…

I started with my mindset, I stopped the self doubt, negative self talk and anything along those lines. After that I wrote down my biggest dreams, I desire to be healthy and happy and spread love and light to everyone, I desire to help people through their own bullshit so they can live their best lives and in order to do that, I know I have to do it so time to get busy. I wrote down small goals that I needed to accomplish in order to become who I desired to be. Then went to work on manifesting my dreams.

Once, I did that. I felt better. I felt like I had direction in my life…

I started to become overly grateful for everything and that changed my life. Focusing on my big goals, small goals and actually taking action because in my mind, I knew I could. That’s when everything fell into place. I ended up walking in my dream body, I was healthy,  I was happy, I was inspiring others and finally changing people’s lives worldwide. It was incredible.

That’s when I realized, my teacher wasn’t crazy. He was dead on and I thank him for pushing me out of my own mental prison.

Now it’s time for me to give back and push you to do the same.

3 steps to step back into your true power..

step 1: listen to motivational speeches

This is an amazing way to start your day. Listening to Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins or anyone like that will help speak life into you which will slowly but surely change your mindset.

step 2: friend detox

Anyone holding you back or giving you negative emotions, needs to go. This will only keep you struggling with self doubt and BS. So allow space so you can be a better version of yourself. (new and better friends will come, I promise)

step 3: self awareness

Don’t bullshit yourself. Call yourself out of shit and actually work through it, that is the only way to become better.

So now go take action, don’t let anything hold you back. You were put here for a reason, so share your love, light and passion to help yourself and to help others. Let me know how you do with this and if you want dive deeper, join the BETTER YOU CHALLENGE FOR FREE.

We will be taking 5minutes for 5 days to build a better you so you can be happy, healthy and confident.

You can join for free by clicking here!


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