Should I workout at home or the gym?

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I get people asking this all the time, “Should I workout at home or the gym?”

I’ve also heard it used as an excuse… I don’t have a gym membership so I can’t workout.

And truth be told you can get amazing results at home as well, all you need is dumbbells and bands with a cardio machine or go outside for cardio. Don’t over think things!

When we over think things, we tend t0 hold ourselves back.

Almost every machine in the gym can be mimicked at home! So it really comes down to…

Where are you more motivated to workout?

Some people rather be at the gym with no distractions to get their workouts done. Then there are some people who are too scared to lift at the gym and end up walking straight to the treadmill then leaving and if that is you then I say, workout at home or hire a trainer until you get more comfortable at the gym.

Other people love working out at home, I use to be one of them. I was obsessed with p90x and had amazing results. But when I tried working out on my own at home with no plan to follow, I was totally distracted and unmotivated. I would end up on the floor with Theo. So if that is you then I would hire someone to make a plan for you or get a gym membership asap.

But when it comes down to it… like I said, you need to figure out where you are more motivated.

I dive deeper into this topic in my video so check it out if you want to hear more.

Or if you are ready for a program to get yourself results, motivation and moving with confidence (at home or at the gym) then contact me now for a Free Consultation! [email protected]



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