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Felon to Fitness Queen…

This was not easy for me to talk about in fear of being judge or looked down on for a past mistake.

I felt the need to open up and tell my story in hopes of helping others. Just because you have a record, does not mean you go back to the streets and do illegal BS. You deserve more than that.

Nothing good comes from a life of dealing drugs…

I know because it screwed up my life and knocked me on my ass.

Back in High School, I remember thinking “it’s cool to do drugs, deal drugs and be a thug.” ha Yeah, well that’s until you have a gun pointed at your head.

I was truly blessed with the life, I had.

Finished High School earlier, my parents paid for me to go to beauty school and then by 18, I had my first career. I was doing hair and loving life. I got set up with a beautiful home, car and lots of love and support.

No one ever thought, I’d end up selling drugs.

But I fell in love or so I thought. haha I met a very charming, handsome man. Everything started off magical. He was sweet, caring and seemed to be everything I could ask for. As the relationship went on, I started to see his true colors.

I knew he had a rough childhood so I kept making excuses for his behavior even after a night where he beat the shit out of me and threw dirt and rocks in my mouth. The cops came out and told me, I need to press charges but I didn’t have it in my heart to ruin someone’s life. I ended up forgiving him and continued in this toxic relationship.

Then things got worse… of course…

One night, I was at the salon working and he called me. He asked me to drop off drugs for him and I said, FUCK NO! I watched too many lives get taken in that world and I refuse to be apart of it. He kept asking and finally compared me to an ex and told me, she would do it, if I asked.

I clearly stood my ground…(sarcasm)

As I drove over to pick up the drugs hahaha I had this really weird feeling in my gut and I told him. He said, “yeah, me too.”

So I got in his car and went and dropped off the drugs for him even though I was nervous and scared.

Once, I got there and started to hand over the drugs, I remember the guy repeating something twice and in that moment, I realized it was a set up. 20 undercover cop cars come out of nowhere, guns, lights all pointed at my head as they yelled at me to get on the ground.

My ex got word of what happen and tried to run to California. Luckily, they got him. I was taken into questioning and truly didn’t know anything, I had no idea my ex was this big time drug dealer who lied about who he was, his age and what he did for a living. The feds had been watching him for 11 months before they were able to take action and I got caught in the cross fire.

I was heartbroken, confused and knew my life was going to be hell for the next few years.

But I knew I had a purpose in life.

I knew I went through this in order to help others stay on track or get back on track after a set back. I couldn’t let this hold me back. I was a struggling hairdresser, trying to pay off my lawyer and needed a second income but no one would hire me because my felony. So I had to figure out something else and that’s when I saw instagram as the Golden Opportunity. I busted my ass to 20 hours a day to build it and motivate people to move then after all the hard work, it finally turned into a very successful online business for me.

Thanks to working my ass off,  I was able to change tons of lives WORLDWIDE, buy investment properties, a dream home and some dream cars.

As I started to get my life back together, my ex showed up. He was finally out of jail and trying to make my life hell again. He started telling people I was an under cover cop and tried to get me killed. I spent years looking over my shoulder and trying to stay low key.

Then one day, I get a call. He got killed.

I was crushed.

I spent 2 days in bed, completely numb, sick and feeling awful for him and his family.

People couldn’t believe how sad I was. He was killed in a drug deal. He was still doing the same thing. How could I feel bad? I was finally free, I didn’t have to look over my shoulder anymore. I should have been crying tears of joy. But my heart was sad. I couldn’t imagine how his family and friends felt.

I eventually made peace with his passing after a few months.

I don’t think he was an awful person, just a lost soul trying to make money to help pay for his mom’s surgery and selling drugs was the only way he knew how. Going through that hell put me where I am at today and I couldn’t be more grateful for it all.

You have to see every setback as a fucking amazing ass opportunity because that’s exactly why we have them. So if you are going through some shit right now, please know you got this, do good, stay positive and you will be back on top in no time.


I recorded this video about the story in more detail last summer when I finally had the guts to talk about it.


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