Fit(ish) Pregnancy

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No one talks about how first trimester will kick your ass. haha

Ok well, not for everyone but a lot of people I talk to now, tell me “oh yeah! First is the worst.”

So during the first trimester, I truly mean it when I say listen to your body. If you are tired, rest. Don’t push yourself. You need to be mindful of your baby especially during a delicate time of pregnancy. I still did a lot of the same workouts but I stopped super-setting, stopped lifting heavy, stopped interval cardio and  stopped jumping around.

Super-setting was leaving me light headed so I needed longer breaks in between sets. I stopped lifting heavy because this would also make me feel light headed.  Interval cardio… well, I just couldn’t breathe. haha And the jumping around made me beyond dizzy. So, I took it pretty easy during my workouts and still am since I have 2 more weeks in first trimester.

As far as dieting during first trimester, once again, listen to your body and be curious about your cravings.

My first trimester so far, all I wanted was steak, potatoes, cheese and SODA freaking SODA so I started reading on, why am I craving steak and cheese. I was lacking iron, calcium and vitamin d so I added more vitamins to help with those cravings. But don’t stress about sticking to a diet. With that being said… don’t go overboard and eat for 2! haha

Diet was one thing, I actually freaked about. I was concerned I wasn’t getting enough healthy food and protein for my baby and scared that drinking soda would have my baby drinking soda fresh out the womb! haha but I finally relaxed after talking to other moms. Some moms only wanted pizza. Some wanted subs. So it was refreshing to know that other health freak moms were craving the worst shit on planet earth too. haha

During First Trimester, it is normal to gain 1-2lbs then after about a pound a week until your beautiful little angel is here. A lot of times, people freak out with the weight gain but you need to look at it for what it is, you are creating life and it is important to be healthy for not just you but now baby too.

Some other things, no one told me about first trimester…

  • You will wake up with a flat stomach wondering, “where is my baby?” and go to bed thinking, “wtf, do I have twins now?”
  • Your boobs grow faster than your stomach
  • Your belly button starts to change
  • Your arms and thighs start holding water
  • Your feet can start swelling already (happen to me at 7 weeks!)
  • You want to sleep all the time but then wake up at 2am ready to party
  • You hate meat so all carb diet (which is what we have always wanted but then end up feeling extra guilty, wtf!?)
  • And every smell makes you want to puke EVERYWHERE
  • Oh and no matter how enlightened you are… pregnancy will definitely test that haha

But in the end, it is all worth it. I already love my baby so much and it just turned into a fetus this week. haha I talk to he or she. I listen to calm music. And do my best to meditate more so my emotions are in check and not stressing out the baby.

You need a healthy balance between food, workouts, rest and all that but before working out, I always recommend talking to your doctor since they know you better than I do! Here are some exercises, you can ask about!

Preggers Workout (1-12weeks)

Light or No Weight:

Pulse Squats 12×3

Seated Row 12×3

Squat to Press 12×3

Deadlift to Row 12×3

Bicep Curl 12×3

Tricep Kickbacks 12×3

Plank 1 minute hold 3 times

30 minutes Walking

I will be in my second trimester October 27, 2018 so I will update you guys then! Then we find out the sex of our baby November 17, 2018! I had a feeling it was a girl up until week 8. Now, I believe I am having a boy! But we will see. 

I did announce my pregnancy fairly early and some people asked why…

I know a lot of people wait until 12 weeks to announce to assure no miscarriage and I respect that and their decision.

But in my eyes, you can lose a child within those 12 weeks, within 12 months of being in the womb, within 12 or even 40 years of them being outside the womb and at any point, I believe losing a child is beyond heartbreaking. I am beyond excited about my pregnancy and being a mother was the one thing, I felt was missing in my life so I couldn’t shut the fuuuk up when I found out so I decided to share with you all and God Forbid anything ever happen, you guys know I would 110% talk about it openly, no matter how heartbreaking it would be. I believe suffering alone is the worst thing ever and speaking to you guys has always been a beautiful therapy to me.

So that is why I announced it early because no matter what, I will always share my life with you guys.  I know a lot of people were shocked by how early I was and at the fact I have a boyfriend. haha I usually just keep our stuff on facebook because I didn’t think anyone gave a shit about me being in love. hahaha We’ve been happily together for 7 months and have known each other for about 6 years. So we are excited for this new chapter in our lives.

So with that being said, I will always share The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. I can’t wait til motherhood because you guys will see me looking a hot mess and hopefully get a good laugh. We want to say thank you for the love and support. I do feel this baby is going to be beyond happy and healthy. Considering we are surrounded by so much love and support. Once again,  thank you all for your blessings and we are sending them right back to you and your family. 


Last thing I should add before my mom kicks my ass for not mentioning her, my dad or my brother. hahaha They are all beyond thrilled too. Our baby is so blessed to have them. I know my mom will be the best grandma in the world because she’s begged for a grandchild for about 8 years now. haha You will see their excitement when I do the gender video. There mom, is that good? haha :]

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