Set Yourself Up For Success

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Set yourself up for success After  a long day of work and daily stressors, I open my fridge, starving… need something quick. BOOM! Fresh fruit, veggies, protein shakes or protein bars perfect go to snack for me!

Setting up your fridge for easy access to healthy stuff is a key to success. If you have some junk food in your fridge, try storing it towards the back so its not as easily visible.

Stock your easy, healthy snacks and water in the front so it will be your first go to when you’re hungry. Before I go to the store, I sit down and I pick out the healthy recipes I want for the week and make my list based off of that.

That way I don’t have any junk or any excuse to order pizza during the week because we forgot something at the store.  To set myself up for success with the gym, I plan an exact time to go workout and I write out what body group, exercises, reps and sets along with a cardio routine.

This assures me I will walk into the gym with confidence knowing what I need to accomplish, it will also help keep you motivated since you know that next exercise and you won’t be sitting there. wondering “ hmm what shall I do next?”

Fitness success has a lot to do with planning. I always recommend a great planner. Figure out your goals for the week and write your plan on how to knock them out day by day!If you need help, achieving your goals, please let me know!

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