Frantic Friday!

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So many people freak out over the weekend…

Some are excited to relax while others are scared because they don’t want to get off track.

Which one are you?

I use to get scared because I knew weekends meant down time, down time= binge eating.

Every time, I’d binge, I’d feel awful about myself. It set me back with progress, mindset and obviously health. I couldn’t figure out how to get it under control and it was beyond frustrating.

It took a lot of time, trial and error for me.

I spent years, frustrated, depressed and overwhelmed.. thanks to this one bump in the road.

One day, I was finally fed up. I couldn’t keep doing this to my body or my mental set so I promised myself it was coming to an end.

How I got over it…

  • Started having cheat meals out of the house
  • Planning more events during the weekend (so I wouldn’t be bored)
  • Wearing fitting clothes (so I wouldn’t over eat)

Those 3 simple things helped big time on helping me get this binge eating under control but it does go deeper…

If you want to hear more, join me on my free webinar so we can get this dialed in for you.

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