Back Attack

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I wanted to Share my awesome Back Routine with you all since it seems to be a huge concern with bikini season coming up.

And trust me, I get it!

I use to have that annoying back fat that would hang over my bra and tank tops so it made me want to hide under a jacket all summer long.

Some things that helped me overcome this were…

  • Back Workouts
  • Clean Eating (not dieting)
  • Water Intake


  • Reverse Lat Pull Down 12-15×4 SUPERSET Wide Lat Pull Down 12-15×4
  • Wide Straight Arm Pull Down 12-15×4 SUPERSET High Row 12-15×4
  • Single Arm Row 12-15×4 SUPERSET Superman 30 second hold 4 times
  • Upright Row with Plate 12×4 SUPERSET Deadlift with Dumbbells 12×4

I like to end my upper body workouts with about 30 minutes of moderate cardio then I stretch and foam roll to speed up recovery and make sure I’m not feeling too sore the next day.

A lot of women are concerned about this area because of bra fat or back rolls… whatever you want to call it…  but when you are struggling with this area, it usually means it is time to clean up your eating habits! No this does not mean, drop all carbs. This does not mean do a crazy diet.

Cut out the processed crap food and replace it with actual foods! So instead of potato chips, try eating actual potatoes or sweet potatoes. Or instead of bread, try rice or quinoa.

Drop the breakfast bars, that are packed with processed sugar and trade it in for a superfoods bar or protein bar. Those get people all the time. Thinking we are eating something good but then we look at it and it’s packed with sugar! Try those simple changes and see how your body responds.

Another thing is upping your water intake. A lot of women get nervous drinking water, thinking it’ll cause them to hold water when in fact it doesn’t! The more water you drink, the better. Flushing out your system from toxins and holding on to water weight from being dehydrated.

If you are wanting more out of your workouts then come check out my stay fit challenge. This challenge is packed with meal guides, workout guides with videos, downloadable PDFs and Facebook support from some amazing women!

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