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Skip the afternoon coffee and Replace it with this to improve health, happiness & your body!

As an online coach, I work from a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!  For the most part I am sitting in a chair… I am busy doing zoom consultations, creating meal and workout guides for clients, replying to email or writing articles for magazines or other businesses.

and let me be honest… it makes it easy to crash mid-day!

I use to drink more caffeine to get a quick pick me up until that started disrupting my sleep which also effects brain fog, joy, cravings and weight loss so if you want to improve your health, happiness and body then this switch up will help you.

We all know  the importance of movement so instead of reaching for coffee, start reaching for light workout bands and get a quick 5-10 minute walk in. Indoors or out. Doesn’t matter… just move! Workout bands are a great option for the office because they take up no space and you can feel the burn without getting sweaty.

Here is a quick and easy desk workout that can be done with or without bands.

  • Chair squat (squat over your chair, allow your glutes to barely tap your chair then back up, repeat)
  • Glute squeeze (you can do this while sitting, clench your glutes, hold for 3 seconds, release and repeat)
  • Shoulder press ( you can do this with no bands or use bands)
  • Bent over row (you can do this with no bands or bands)

Do each exercise 15 reps, 3 sets and then walk around your building so you can clear your mind, get some fresh air and some extra energy. Even if it is only a quick walk to the water cooler. Water is another important tool to staying refreshed and alert through the day.

I’ll  leave you with some extra office health tips so you can truly thrive this year with your health and happiness!

  • For breakfast, do a protein packed meal with a healthy fat instead of a sugary, overly processed muffin. Having protein and fats will help keep your blood sugar levels more stable through the day making it easier to stay focused and less hungry
  • Pack a Lunch with your favorite healthy meal so you aren’t tempted to order food
  • Stop snacking and grazing all day, a lot of my clients who work in office’s struggle with this. A huge myth is eating every 3 hours will boost your metabolism but it actually doesn’t especially for us ladies. It spikes our blood sugar levels which means you can’t be in fat burning mode because when insulin is spiked, it singals for storing fat verse burning it. It is better to stick with 2-4 solid meals a day which ever fits your schedule best. Don’t stress over eating all the time!
  • If you eat a sugary snack or treat that someone brings in, don’t let this bring you down. Enjoy, refocus and move forward your day
  • Stay on top of your water. Bring a large BPA free water bottle so you stay hydrated through the day, this can help you stay awake and even helps with cravings as well as hunger

I hope this helped you.

If you need help dialing in these tips for your life, text me for free advice now at 725-900-9417. I look forward to helping you be the best you this year! Your coach, @tanaashleee- for more tips, check out my IG where I offer easy to follow meal guides, workouts and weight loss hacks.


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