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Working with women, Hormones are always hot topic for me but most women don’t understand how important hormones are when building your dream body!

I didn’t even know until After having a baby…

A lot of people were shocked at how fast I “snapped back” and it was all because I worked with my cycle (even before my cycle was back to regular)

We will dive into meals, workouts, supplements, work life and even social life! Sounds like a lot, I know but I will break it down super simple for you.

Most people are aware that hormones are all over the place after giving birth but most women don’t know that they usually go hypothyroid after a baby. It can last 6-12 months. Sometimes, your thyroid will go back to normal, sometimes it doesn’t…

So all the intense workouts, restrictive dieting and 12 coffees a day can completely back fire.

Even if you haven’t had a baby, these are  extremely common things that women struggle with. 80% of women are living life with hormonal imbalance causing irregular periods, PCOS, endometriosis, Hypothyroid, hyperthyroid and even as serve as Hashi.

With that being said…I always recommend going to a wellness clinic or your doctor for a blood test to see where your levels are at. That will save you time, headaches and money while balancing your beautiful body back out.

Going through my postpartum journey was a challenge because of lack of sleep and the chaotic life change 😂

McKenzie would wake up every 30 minutes and it was miserable (but worth it) I was struggling to get in a decent workout because how drained I was. Somedays, I would only train 10-15 minutes, other days were better and I could get a full 45-60 minutes in.

Instead of stressing my workouts, I focused on foods and supplements to balance out. Knowing my thyroid would be hypo after giving birth (up to 6-12 months) I knew what foods to avoid and which ones I needed more of. That played a huge part in my weight loss journey. I had dropped more weight than I have ever done before in my life in the shortest amount of time.

During pregnancy, I gained 42lbs and within 8 weeks after giving birth, I dropped 54lbs…

Oh and years later… I still have maintained it when all my IG trolls said, I would gain it back after McKenzie hit 1 💪🏽

Here is a simple way to breakdown your hormonal cycle and how you should eat, train, supplement and socialize during those times

Day 1-14: This is a time when you are great at burning fat, estrogen loves low carbs, longer fast and can handle more stress. So if you want to burn stubborn fat and detox. This is the time to do it effectively so I love adding in Max burn and max detox. As far as, work life, this is a great time to handle the more stressful task at hand and for social life, same… the people that kind of raise your cortisol and you can’t avoid…. calendar them in here. 😂

Day 15-19: Ovulation time… This is when testosterone is higher so perfect time to build that sexy lean muscle mass and slow it down with cardio. You can get away with intermittent fasting here but no need to over do it. Stick with 18/6. Load up on protein to help your lean muscle mass recover faster. Supplement wise you can still add in caffeine, focus on greens to get all your micronutrients in as well as protein. This is a great time to go out and be a social butterfly, network, ask for the promotion. You will feel confident and motivated so go get em tiger!

Day 20 til you bleed: This is a time to slow it down. Progesterone will be building and tanks easily at the sight of cortisol so please, I beg you to listen to your body at this time. If you need to sleep in, skip the gym or feel like walking in nature then do that. That will be more beneficial than forcing an intense workout.

You’ll notice you want more carbs around this time and may want to hermit a bit so do just that. In order to keep a healthy cycle, less depression, anxiety, better sleep and better weight loss, this hormone is key to have in check. Supplement wise, I take advantage of using apple cider vinegar, turmeric and a probiotic to keep inflammation down and gut health on point!

You can order any of the supplements listed above by clicking here.

If you need help dialing these things in, please let me know. I am here to help you!



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