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I know… you were probably expecting to open this and see some insane diet, fat burner or workout.

Sorry to disappoint!

This is the TRUE secret behind fitness and life in general. 

Why is mindset important?

When we start our fitness journey, we all pick apart what’s wrong with ourselves and what we want to “fix”. Then we get discouraged after a week of no results and just give up because we think it’s too hard.

I use to be that person so I understand the feeling. I got into fitness when I was 13 because my mom, she loved the gym and wanted to help me build a healthy habit… I HATED HER FOR IT at the time. haha I thank her now though!


By the time I was 16, I became passionate about fitness. I was able to help people accomplish their goals. 

Something was still missing though… I knew nothing about mindset. I’d still sit there unhappy with this great body I built. Then I hit my 20s, my 108lb body blew up to 140lbs over night or so it seemed! haha

I tried everything to lose that weight but it wasn’t coming off. 

I didn’t realize I was the one holding me back, I was stuck in this negative mindset about eating clean, cardio and weights.

Old Mindset…

  • Food: ew, healthy food is gross. I’ll just eat nothing.
  • Cardio: ew, it’s just so hard. I hate sweating.
  • Weights: ew, just too heavy. Who has time for this shit? haha

I realized after years of struggling that mindset was awful and needed to change in order for my body  to change.


  • Be Grateful
  • Focus on What You Have Accomplished
  • Forget Setbacks
  • Meditate


I decided that every morning I will wake up happy… NO MATTER WHAT!

Everyday, I would just be thankful I woke up, had a warm bed, roof over my head, a cute dog and food in the kitchen! Starting your day off with an attitude of gratitude will forever change your life. I can promise you that.

When trying to reach your fitness goals…

  • Tell Yourself “YOU CAN”
  • Look at Healthy Food as Something you Deserve for Working so Hard
  • Look at Your Workouts as Body Sculpting Activity :]
  • Don’t Focus on Setbacks (we all have them)
  • Focus on the POSITIVE

Try it for a week and let me know all the great things that come your way!


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