New Year, New You

New Year, New You

New Year, New You

How many of us have said this before?

We stuck to our plan for a few weeks then gave up on ourselves. Why is that?

Did life get in the way?

Were we not seeing results as quickly as we wanted to?

Or did we just get bored?

What I have noticed over my years of training people, is we lose focus.

We allow life to get in the way instead of keeping a promise to ourselves. How is this fair? We put everyone and everything before us. Our health is the most important thing in this world. I know from experience. After I was hospitalized, I realized it can truly happen to anyone. Here I was 26, healthy as can be. Working at 6 days a week, eating clean and the worst I did was use a vape pen 2 hits at night to help me sleep.

Next thing you know, I can’t breathe. I walk up the stairs, pass out and puke so I was rushed to the ER. I had a collapsed lung, pneumonia, gas around my heart and air around my lungs. I was stuck in the hospital for 3 days, going insane. I couldn’t do anything. I had IV’s and monitors hooked up to me while I laid in bed trying to work off my phone with one hand. haha

It was in that moment, I realized we all take our health for granted. We wake up and get into the same old routine that we have always had, just to because it’s easy. This is what I see so often. It is easy to stay the same and well, change is hard because we make it so hard. haha So after a few weeks of trying to change, we just fall back to the same routine.

Isn’t that frustrating?

Wouldn’t you like this year to truly be different?

Well, it can be.

I use to fall off track so easy and I couldn’t understand why for a long time. I had trainers, I knew what to do so why weren’t the results there? I finally had a breakthrough moment when I realized.. it really isn’t about the diets and training programs but the mindset behind it. The fitness industry has failed us completely and maybe not on purpose but I always wondered… why has no one taught the mindset behind the lifestyle? That’s the only way to truly change.

You can cut calories and food groups all day, everyday but eventually you will get burnt out and once you do, you will go back to your old ways. So why not try something different? Learn to be mindful, get in the attitude of gratitude when you’re working out because some people don’t have the blessings to do so. ¬†Learn to put yourself first so you can come from a place of happiness, confidence, love and a sexy ass body when you are out helping others, chasing your kids (that includes husbands too because we are all well aware they are big kids) and building your career! Does that make sense?

If you want to learn how to do this, check out my free webinar now. You have nothing to lose except those thoughts and the unwanted tummy fluff that no longer serve you. <3

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