Must-have products for weight loss

Must-have products for weight loss

Fat Burning Products to help you get the results you want

This is always a hot topic. We all want to burn fat, FASTER! Right?

I’m not a huge supplement junky because a lot of the product now days is shit to be totally honest so the supplement list will be short but I also have some great links on fitness products that’ll help keep you on track.


Green Tea: Great for fat burning and anti-aging due to the high antioxidants in it.

Coffee: Helps with mood, fiber intake and may help lower the risk of heart disease.


Isopure protein: One of the cleanest protein powders I have found. It is an isolate so it is easier to digest for us ladies!

BCAAS: Help with recovery. Recovery is where the results come in.


Detox Organics: Superfoods powder to help with bloating, energy and getting in your must-have foods so you can drop stubborn fat. If you want to boost that then add Thermo Boost, this supports metabolism and makes sure you don’t burn out your thyroid! You can order these HERE. Use discount code TC to save some money


Hip Circle to activate those glutes and make leg day even harder!

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Full whole gym including cardio to really kick ass at any time of the day. Click here to check it out.

Program for burning fat:

If you are struggling to drop the stubborn fat, reduce cellulite and turn your dream body into a reality. It can be a number of things.

  1. Too restrictive, a lot of times we believe we need to cut out EVERYTHING in order to drop weight but that leads to yo-yo dieting, binge eating and constantly starting over and when that happens we only gain more weight and feel downright awful about ourselves. Right? So instead, I recommend finding out what foods work best for you.
  2. Too much cardio! This is one I see a lot of and it kills me because most people hate cardio so they go put themselves in misery for an hour on the treadmill only to lead to more sugar cravings. Instead, find a healthy balance between weights and cardio. That way you can burn stubborn fat, build lean muscle mass and truly sculpt the body you want.
  3. Up your water intake. Everyone thinks drinking too much water will bloat you but drinking water actually helps flush your system so you will drop the water weight, debloat, feel more energized and fight hunger.

The fitness industry has forced us to believe we need insane diets, long hours of cardio and tons of supplements are the way to a successful journey but they aren’t.

Diets and hardcore training work for a short amount of time but when I want to impact someone’s life long term. I have to teach them what works with their body meaning foods and exercise. We are all different which is why I hate when the fitness industry tries to treat us all the same.
They make us believe we need this crazy, secret type of diet with this never seen before workouts but that’s actually what fails us. I mean think about it… how many times have you tried to diet and do these crazy workouts? How long does it last? It’s always short term! Great business model for them but it is failing us.

It took me 8 years to have this breakthrough because I was so brainwashed by the fitness industry but  I couldn’t handle hiding under baggy clothes, turning down dates and nights out because I didn’t feel confident because I couldn’t handle going shopping and having to buy a bigger size…

So I decided to do something different.

No dieting.  No counting. Not restrictive. No long hours in the gym. No longer than 20 minutes on cardio. I focused on building habits.

Results come from consistency not just a week going hard with dieting and workouts….
So I gave balance a try… finally the weight started falling off. I was going out, putting on sexy dresses, dating, falling in love with life again!
Even after I became pregnant. I gained 42lbs but dropped it within 2 months and got down to my lowest weight I’ve been in years all thanks to these life-changing hacks. They seem simple but we fall off track easy when we don’t have someone holding us accountable so
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